Hu Tao or 2nd Wu Kong?

Need help deciding who to ascend. I’m F2P. So I just work with what I have but this one has me stumped. I have Justice (waiting on 2 darts) who is a better Hu Tao and already have a maxed Wu Kong. So who should be next? Hu Tao or 2nd Wu Kong?

Current hero line up…

Wu - maxed
Justice - 3-70
Wu - 3-60
Hu Tao - 3-60

Obakan - 4-36
Sabina - maxed +7
Sabina - 3-60
Rigard - 3-52
Tiburtus - 1-20

Wilbur - maxed +9
Boldtusk - maxed +9
Gormek - maxed +3
Scarlet - 4-2
Sumitomo - 3-60
Sumitomo - 3-60
Sumitomo - 2-21

Grimm - maxed +7
Triton - maxed +6
Boril - maxed +5
Sonya - 3-60
Sonya - 3-60

Melendor - maxed +7
Kashhrek - maxed +7
Caedmon - 4-67
Gobbler - 3-60

2nd Wu only if there are absolutely no other holy options…

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In my opinion hu tao is good in multistage events, challenges, and campaigns. I personally would prefer a hu tao over another wu kong

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But I notice you already have Justice at 370. Hu tao is a lot like justice. so maybe wait for another yellow save the mats. Still, Hu would be good for 4* limit stuff and such.


do you have Chao ? i prefer Chao for your situation especially for AW , you dont have any offensive Yellow yet which is bad if encounter purple tank.

I unfortunately don’t. I just haven’t been lucky enough to pull one or train one in tc20.

Hu Tao rarely to use in offensive due on Slow mana , but he is better than second wukong for sure , Wu only used for Titan & Event

The biggest reason I was considering a 2nd wu is because of stacking against purple titans. Wu’s attack is much higher. So while I wouldn’t need his special all that much, except to keep gambler’s stance going, the tile damage would be lots better than with hu Tao.

Hu Tao - mostly for tournaments

2nd Wu - good for wars especially if want to hit above your weight

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i dont know , i just dont like randomness in Wu and didnt level any of Wu till now (and ranvir as well) , i still able to get 200k-300k total damage as well in my Alliance without trying , just waiting for Tarlakk which is never come.

fo Wu in offensive is bad idea especially if you used him in AW Offensive , Flag is limited and board is random enough , if you add another randomess from Wu , i dont think its would be good

Hu Tao - he will help you in 4* tournaments, wars and trials. One Wu is enough :slight_smile:

If you have to: Hu Tao. If not - wait. Second Wu is waste of AM. Hu Tao is poor man’s Justice so its not optimal choice. I suggest waiting for better option. You probably run TC20 and the chance for holy 4* is 20%x20% = 4% + 1% for holy 5*

In my honest opinion I would wait until you have a better Holy hero. But if you really really must then go with Hu Tao for tournaments etc. But If it was me I would wait …

Thanks for the replies. Went with Hu Tao. Got plenty of orbs if I get another yellow from tc20. Just need another compass

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