How would you setup my defense

Hi all,

I current run this defence:

Seshat, Aegir, Khiona, Anzogh, Poseidon
am ok with it, although I think the previous defence (Seshat, Zimkhita, Aegir, Anzogh, Poseidon) was better.

These are my options for defense:

How would you set up the raid defense?

Would you remove emblems from someone to give them to someone else?

Thank you for your advices

I would look at doing:
Kingston - Zimkitty - Aegir - Poseidon - Seshat

Probably leave emblems as is for now. Maybe when Poseidon gets to +11 switch over and give Kingston some.

Would probably start giving Aegir future Paladin ones over King Arthur, especially if Aegir is going to be a long term tank.


Seshat - Zimkitha - Aegir - Kingston - Poseidon

Poseidone, Seshat, Aegir, Anzogh, Evelyn. Maybe :slight_smile:

Thank you all.

I already started giving emblems to Aegir, but I was wondering if it would be worthy to strip Arthur and give his emblems to Aegir.

In the future, could be better to switch to Santa as tank? At the current moment Iā€™m working on some 3s and afterwards on two 4s per color, respectively for events and war depth. But once finished, I will start maxing my third round of 5s and Santa is one of the candidate for the reds (the other one is Azlar)

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