How to unlink empires & puzzles from an account

Originally I started empires puzzles on my apple phone on ios platform. After playing some months I realized that gem cost in my country for apple is 2x than android. So I linked my game to a friends android phone (who wasnt playing empires andd puzzles) using his google play account. When I wanted to buy gems I buyed it from his android for the half price. So everything was going well until my friend decided to move to another country :slight_smile: Now I don’t want to bother him anymore so I tried to link my empires and puzzles account to another friend’s phone. This time with new google play account. When I try to link the game and generate a code a warning comes and says “your progress is already linked to a google play account”.

So I opened a ticket and wrote this situation to empires puzzles support. I think they didnt understand my problem and wrote how to change 2 google play accounts in the same phone as an answer.

So I opened a second ticket keeping it simple this time I said I cant connect to my google play account anymore so I wanted it to be removed and keep only my ios account. As an answer to this they wrote they were sorry that I lost my ios account and they don’t keep our passwords for game center accounts… :upside_down_face:

Is there a way I can solve this on my own? If I simply delete the game from my friends phone will it unlink the game from that account?

Thanks for reading all this :slight_smile:

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The problem may be that you’re not supposed to share accounts (I’m not sure how two accounts could share the same number anyway).

You can read about it in the Terms of Service.

Only SG can help you transfer an account from Android to Apple. Please see the FAQ instructions here:

If you need more help, you will need to contact SG support, as the Forum is only peer-to-peer and cannot help you transfer accounts. Support is here:

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Thanks for the answer Rook but I dont want to transfer it. I think I’m not clear.

I have an iphone. I’m playing the game. I want to link my game to an android device. I put 2 phones next to each other (1 iphone 1 samsung) connected to the same wifi. Generate a code and put the code into the empires puzzles game in samsung phone. Now my ios account and google play acount are linked.

Now what I want to do is lets say I lost my android device and forgot my google play account so I wont be able to play from android anymore. I can now play only with iphone. So I buy a new android phone and google play account. I try to link my iphone with this phone now. but the game wont let me since it is linked to another google play account already. So what I want support to do is just delete my google play account from the system so I can link it to my new account…

Truthfully I’ve never heard how to link an android and iOS device together. I think only support can help you (1) unlink the original link and (2) link up the new devices (3) IF this is something they allow. :thinking:

Thank you Rook, I hope support can help me if I am able to tell my problem to them… Each time I write they answer something different than my question :slight_smile:

Here is the link to TOS (Terms of Service):

Some sections that might interest you:


I think all that you need to do is sign into the original Google play account on your new friends phone, I’m not sure but don’t think there is any way to unlink an account from a Google play account once a link has been made to it.
I play with 2 accounts on the same phone just have 2 different Google play accounts, since your friend allowed you to set up E&P on their phone I would assume there’s a level of trust there that would earn you the required email and password to login to the mentioned account on your new friends phone also.

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How about trying to do all that stuff in a pc emulator?

did you manage to unlink? I am in a same situation

Hey did this get solved?

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