How To Play Empires Puzzle With Two Accounts


Does anyone know how you can play Empire Puzzles on one device but idea two different accounts? Like I’ve 2 different Google play Accounts but even when I uninstalled it and reinstalled it it just automatically loaded my primary Gmail account how would I be able to play under both emails?..


Log in under your other google play account


You can actually play both accounts on the same device. Log out and when you log back in it will give you the option on which account you wish to log back in with. You can literally switch between accounts fluidly on the same device.


Please read this first, just so you are aware:


Many do it and I have yet to see a real problem yet. I tried it, and saw enough little things on iOS that made me nervous made me retract the account. SG was nice enough to move my purchases to my main account - I hadn’t gotten the memo on the potential issues when I did it.

I think the only flawless way to do it is two devices, two different accounts. I was using two accounts on the same device and like I said, saw some things that made me anxious so I bailed.