Alliance recruitment seems impossible—HELP

I’ve taken on the task of attempting to recruit for our alliance. It seems almost impossible. Trying to recruit in the game chat for recruitment is a joke—there’s so many people attempting to recruit at once that the messages are literally just a never ending banner of words passing by. Facebook has one page that allows recruitment and that also seems like a lost cause. All I’m looking for is a few active, funny adults, 3,000+ TP members to join us as a few members left due to family necessity. Any words of advice on how to help my amazing alliance grow?? (Family of Misfit Friends)

You’ve taken the first step by opening a thread here on the forum. It’s our main source of active new members. We occasionally post to FB but we think the quality of players we get from the forum is excellent.

Good luck, it’s not an easy task and competition is fierce.


Welcome the forum.

Placing an alliance ad in the forum’s alliance recruitment area is a great idea. Most of my newer alliance mates I found via the forum.

You’re right, regular daily players are like hens teeth and everyone is looking for them. Checking in the Alliance recruitment thread is another idea as players looking for a new alliance, also post there and responding early to these posters helps.

There are also recruitment chat groups on Line and discord. I know @Rook knows everyone, and may be able to invite you to some.

Raising your own profile by posting on the forum in the various threads, is another way to raise awareness of your alliance. GL

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I had no idea line had groups for recruitment. Thank you so much for the advice!


Recruitment is a little bit more difficult generally speaking these days. But it is always bad during the holidays it will definitely get better in January. I wouldn’t waste too much time in game recruitment, there’s no point. Come up with a catchy ad or at least statement and then post it here in Alliance recruitment on the Forum and you might try other places like Facebook or line chat groups or possibly Discord chat groups. That’s my advice.

Just a thought… You should also include a Line or Discord ID, so prospective players can contact you directly, rather than reply to your forum ad.

I just post a decent message in alliance recruiting. What titans we are hitting, a brief idea of the rules.
Copy and paste works well.

I do it in between raids, titans and farming.
It works, get a hit within 1-3 days.
The chat moves fast but people scroll through the ads looking for a good alliance. My recruits have NEVER post on the chat, they just look for homes. I have been doing this for about a year. No problem.

If you contact me via line I will add you to the groups that I’m in at hilaria11

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