War participation?

We have a lot of players in my alliance hitting lvl 12 getting put into War and not playing. Does the game auto kick people from war if they don’t participate in X number of Wars?

No it doesn’t. You either have to convince them to opt out or kick them out to keep your war teams from giving up too many points.

At lvl 12, the system will put the player to first war as mandatory. After the war, he/she can tick off the box to not participate the war. I am not sure that how many missing wars that the system will automatically drop that player out of war (just out off war not kick out of alliance).

It actually does. Had an alliance member get in an accident and was in a coma so he couldn’t opt out. He was removed from participation after two or maybe three wars.
Edit: this may have only been because he was inactive for that many days. I’m not sure if it is the same way with people who are still logging in to the game.

Great, you helped me clarify the automatic drop out. Thank you

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System automatically opts players out of war who have missed 2 consecutive wars. Need to use :zero: flags tho.


Can confirm this is the case. Even if you have daily activity, as long as you’ve used 0 flags for two consecutive wars you get auto opted out.

Thx for the clarification everyone appreciate it.

In our alliance we have a player whose phone is broken. Is there any way we can stop is participation is an upcoming war?

You’d have to kick him, which I’m sure he’d understand under the circumstances.

Thank we would like to avoid that he is our war leader

If he can’t opt out of the war and would be leaving his flags on the field, I’m sure as your war general he’d understand. It would only be temporary until he gets his phone fixed/replaced.

Are you able to chat with him using another chat app so he can talk to you about it? Unfortunatly, there are no other options available to avoid him being included in your war matchmaking.

Thanks for the advice we have agreed to leave his flags on the field

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I think that’s very generous of you. It’s nice to see your alliance putting loyalty before winning. I wish you all the best and hope you win your war!

Could they login on a tablet to play? If not, if they have a computer they could use an emulator like Bluestacks to access E&P.

He is doing a project in a remote location and does not have much access to alternative equipment. Currently he has a borrowed phone which cannot support the game and he is unlikely to get better equipment until he returns home. I would have liked to be able to log him out until he had better equipment. Thanks for your input

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