How can I get heroes out of 5 in the fields?

Because I have two fields of 20! And I accumulated but it has been a long time since I got anything! And if I get one it is always repeated :frowning:
What should I do ? Patience sure … but I want some Marjana. Sartana. Lianna, among others, or Kong, is the key player and they don’t come out on the pitch! Very sad :confused:

It just takes time and patience


I know ! But for two months now they haven’t given me anything anymore, nor in invocations

The last field heroes 20 I took out was vivica and it was the first days of February

It really does work out at about 5% over time, so just hang in there

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yup… patient is the key… i run 1 TC20 for two months and got renfeld, gunnar, friar tuck, greymane…LOL… so, i stop TC20 and focus on TC11 and TC19…

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Sorry, it’s just a matter of patience; I know because I have little of it. I have had a TC20 cranking for a long time with only three five-stars to show for it: Khagan, Richard, and Leonidas. Would I have hoped for more, sure, but it is what it is. Others in my alliance have been more fortunate, so I’m optimistic that my luck will change.

You may consider running two TC20s for a while – I did for several months but did not get a five star (I recently nixed that in favor of TC13 as a better place to store food). But, in theory, two TC20s should double your chances at a five-star hero.

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If 100 players are running 2x Legendary training ( RT20 ), it will take 8.4 years for the 99th player to get Lianna, and the 100th player will STILL not have Lianna.

Merciless RNG sucks.

But Devs have promised us shards, if the game lasts long enough


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Legendary training

([Research] RNG as a paywall [Analysis, Paywall])

Loot box unit pricing

([Math, Transparency] Lootbox unit pricing explained)




You always post such encouraging stats :rofl:


Excuse me because I have not gotten that far yet, but if you research your camp’s up isn’t some type of guarantee?

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