Holy heroes, Batman! (What to do with all these yellows?) [Updated June 27, 2019]

OK, I know this is a good problem to have, but I still have it and want to get some perspectives. I already had some great yellow heroes, to wit: Bane +17 (for events and raid tournaments), Onatel 3^70, and Poseidon 3^50 (and rising). But recently, RNG has gone on a tear, giving me a lot to think about. I’ve drawn 2 Li Xius in the past couple of weeks, and yesterday, I drew Leonidas and my first Wu Kong from my TC 20s. I’m at 4 darts, 5 orbs, 3 gloves, and plenty of basically everything else (having never ascended a 5-star, I have lots of blades and tomes).

Before yesterday, my plan was to finish taking Poseidon to 3^70, then throw my yellows to Li Xiu until getting the darts. If I can take down Ursena on hard - have failed at that 5 times already, but I feel like I’m getting closer - that’s one set, and Shiloh Desert is due before the end of the month, so it could be soon. If I can’t beat Ursena, it could be Sand Empire or the next Shiloh in August before I have the darts. Upon getting the darts, I would max Poseidon. Now, though, I have some choices. Here are my options and my thinking:

Max Poseidon ASAP
Pros: First maxed 5-star; excellent all-occasion attacker, true sniper (my snipers are bad) with fast mana, niche special counters some of the most troublesome heroes (Guin, Hel, Proteus, Onatel); helps with fighter class trials (next best fighter is Valen+15)
Cons: Will eat all of my yellows for a LONG time, meaning no one else eats for a while, but yellow trainer heroes from Sand Empire would be put to excellent use

Max Onatel ASAP
Pros: First maxed 5-star; excellent tank when maxed (currently using Danza +7, but maxing Boril as a replacement); mana controller (I don’t have Proteus) for events and raids; helps with wizard class trials (next best wizard is Balthazar 3^50); gives me something to do with wizard emblems, which are currently gathering dust
Cons: Will eat all of my yellows for a LONG time, meaning no one else eats for a while, but yellow trainer heroes from Sand Empire would be put to excellent use

Take Leonidas to 3/70 or 4/80
Pros: Can finish some raids on his own; has elements of both a sniper and a mana controller; could make a brutal 1-2 punch with Onatel (Onatel stealing mana, with Leo reducing it); will help with monk class trials (at 1^1, he’s already my second-best monk!)
Cons: Have to delay maxing a 5-star yet again, will eat all of my yellows for a LONG time, meaning no one else eats for a while, takes my orbs to get to 3^70, so darts may not be the limiting factor anymore

Take Wu Kong to 3/60 or 4/70
Pros: Is the Titan King (which isn’t as impactful for me, since I have a small alliance that basically maxes out on 3-star Titans, but with Wu, maybe I could push that to 4); would be much quicker to level than a 5-star; helps a little more with monk class quests, but not as much as Leo or Li Xiu; builds war depth quicker; gives me something to do with my monk emblems (which I would pull from Bane and have nothing else to do with after I max Bane) quicker
Cons: Have to delay maxing a 5-star yet again, takes my orbs to get to 4^70, so darts may not be the limiting factor anymore; doesn’t provide as much clear-cut help outside Titans; would be a sub-optimal use of yellow trainer heroes from Sand Empire

Take Li Xiu to 3/60 or 4/70
Pros: Is a serviceable tank (better than Danza if emblemed?) would be much quicker to level than a 5-star; helps with monk class quests by controlling mana of all bosses; builds war depth quicker; gives me something to do with my monk emblems (which I would pull from Bane and have nothing else to do with after I max Bane) quicker
Cons: Have to delay maxing a 5-star yet again, takes my orbs to get to 3^70, so darts may not be the limiting factor anymore; would be a sub-optimal use of yellow trainer heroes from Sand Empire

Anything I’m missing? What would you do and why?

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Bring Wu Kong to 3.60. Play with it in raid, titan for a while.

You have pretty good to determine Pro and Con.
I suggest you to write in to piece of paper your 3 *5. So: Peseidon, Onatel and Leonidas.
Then, pull 10x. It RNG, so we also decide partially with RNG :sunglasses:

If result is:
Onatel, then Li Xiu is redunant, go Wu Kong while waiting 2 darts.
Poseidon, then Li Xiu next project.
Leonidas, then Onatel is your next project (of course need more darts), while waiting go for Wu Kong.

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I wouldn’t bother with Li Xiu in your position, she’s decidedly average.

Really tough call. Onatel is great on offense and for challenging PVE content. She’s great on defense too at tank or flank or even wing in a pinch.

Poseidon is a great hitter.

I just finished Wu. He’s got to be one of the best yellow 4*. Great on offense and titans. Arguably he should be your first priority. Perhaps while levelling Wu you acquire another 5* tank or sniper which would then make your decision about Onatel vs Poseidon easier. I think that approach can be smart until you really know which one you need more.

The information we need to know that you did not tell us was your other legendaries. That could make our advice easier to determine.

So, two votes for working on Wu instead of Li Xiu or Leonidas. That helps, anyway. I will probably finish bringing Poseidon to 3^70, then start Wu at least until I have darts. If the fight against Ursena doesn’t go well, I’m looking at June/July before I have darts anyway.

It’s a short list: Domitia and Thorne.

Domitia is at 1^20. I did one 10-feed on her before pulling Rigard, so now she’s on the back burner until I bring him to 4^70. I plan to do several Atlantis pulls this month, especially if I can finish off Ursena on hard, so there is a chance I’d draw Proteus, and that might bump her back again. Regardless, I plan to take her to 4^80. Only pulling Sartana is likely to change that. I’m currently at 3 tabards, but we’ll have Morlovia within the month, and I could get another from beating Ursena.

Thorne is at 1^1 and currently on the back burner behind Boril, who I plan to take to 4^70 as my new tank. He would also get bumped back if I draw Kiril (which I would love to do!), but I already have Sonya and Grimm maxed, so the only other one that could push him back in the order is maybe Triton, if I drew him, and that would be about having another Atlantis family hero to put with Poseidon. I’m only committed to taking Thorne to 2^60 for sure. My paladins are Sonya and 3-star garbage, so he’ll help in class trials at that level. I will likely have the scopes by the time I finish Boril, though, so he’s a candidate to max. Would prefer another blue legendary, but who knows if/when I’ll get one.

Titans aren’t a priority, so your answer is basically which do you want, offence or defence? If offence, Poseidon. If Defence, Onatel.

But since Onatel is also excellent for Offence, even though I like both a lot, Onatel seems more all round useful

I’m not a huge WuKong fan. If you have or get Tarlak he gets benched - and he’s useless in defence. He can sometimes let you hit above your level, but he can also cost you wins. I like the strong and steady 5*s better.

Li is very useful for some Raid Tourneys so once you get your 5* above x/50 in each Ascension level you could feed her 1* heroes and give your 5* the 2*s and co-level them. Or do that with Wu if you’re sold on him.

I’m actually dithering between the two myself but am going Poseidon based on needing a pure sniper more.

I’m also in a yellow glut…


I’ve debated Poseidon/Onatel over several threads recently, and I think I’m coming down on the Poseidon side, but it’s close. Like you, I need a sniper, and Onatel is doing well enough in events for me at 3^70. If Boril makes a decent tank, then I have that covered without Onatel (although she would be better, obviously), and on offense, she is good but Poseidon is better (I think).

I just wondered if it was worth putting off that final ascension to do at least some leveling on Wu, Li, or Leonidas. I don’t want to, but that’s mostly a heart thing (head knows 4-stars are cheaper to level and build depth quicker, but heart is tired of playing with the same 4-stars everybody can get and really wants to unleash one of my rare beasts).

See, this is how I thought I would feel about Wu Kong, but so many folks here make him sound like all that and a bag of chips. And I was wrong about Danzaburo for the same reason. I thought the randomness would bother me, but he turned out to be a net positive. Wu is a little different, though. Danza is at least useful in defense. As you say, Wu has more limited usefulness. As far as benching for Tarlak, having to bench someone because I drew Tarlak is a problem I’ll take ALL DAY! :smile:

Hmm. I might have to buy some more roster space, but this is an idea worth considering. Thanks.

Nice pulls, you have a lot to look forward to :smile: I would start another 4* as you’ll probably complete it before you get your final darts and it will have a bigger impact now on your team depth. For 5*s, Onatel’s mana control can probably benefit you greatly in challenge events so you can shut down bosses. Leonidas is a beast but Poseidon may be a better choice for resources and immediate gain as he’s almost to 3-70.

For 4s, Li Xiu isn’t very good in my opinion, I would rather have Wu or Hu Tao or Chao (in that order) for 4s first. Personally, Wu is a rock star for me and I’d max him ASAP without thinking twice. He single-handedly carried me through all the Atlantis Hard levels, I’m about to test him on the final stage this afternoon. Without a doubt, Wuuuuuuuuu.


The last poster is correct, Wu should be your immediate focus, to 4/70. If you are only hitting 3 and 4 star titans, you’re way too young to be looking at 5 stars, you need a solid bench of reliable 4 star heros before you move up. Basically, the resource differences in maxing a 4 versus a 5 are astronomical. You can get 3 great 4 star heros to Max for about the same resources as a single 5 and have a ton of options on both offense and defense. You start off right away on 5s? You’ll have absolutely no depth when it comes time to find options in your lineup. My take, for everyone out there, 3 4 star heros in each color before you move on to 5s. You won’t regret it. This is one of the biggest mistakes young players make. It is a LONG way to top in this game. You’re not getting there anytime soon unless you pay a ton of cash, so take your time and do it right.


The reason we hit such small Titans is because we are a small alliance. I’m dealing 25-30K damage pretty regularly, with no item use, but that’s tops in my alliance of four active members by about 10K.

Getting pretty close. My tops in each color:

  • Red: Gormek +9, Kelile 4^63, Kelile 3^60, plus all important 3-stars at 3^50
  • Blue: Grimm 4^70, Sonya +6, Boril 2^22, plus all important 3-stars maxed
  • Green: Melendor +6, Skittleskull 4^70, Caedmon 3^20, plus all important three-stars maxed
  • Purple: Sabina+9, Tiburtus+7, Ameonna 3^60, Rigard 1^36, Domitia 1^20, Balthazar and Tyrum maxed
  • Yellow: see above

Not the heroes I would choose, in some cases, but as F2P, you play what you are dealt.

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Yeah, you’re getting there. Not a bad lineup. Wu and Rigard would be huge additions.

I’ve never once feared onatel attacking and she has never won the battle with her special. She just doesn’t do much. Poseidon is a bigger threat as his snipe is pretty darn good and can actually take heroes down. Plus he can cause me to delay firing a mana manipulator a few rounds. He has won the battle against me with his special. I don’t have either, but to me Poseidon is the better hero.

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You want a 5* maxed, you stop all else and feed him everything. Having an operational TC19 will be of great help for the lower levels of all four ascension tiers. Farm production should be maxed, and still you will run dangerously low on food every day. All WE should go into farming low levels to get backpaks swords and more feeders. When low on backpaks for TC2, switch for elemental trainings, for the bonus XP. Costs don’t matter, only XP does. Collect all the trainer heroes you can get and use them all at once when closing in on the final levels of the third ascension, or, even better, the fourth one if you have the patience for it. Do this and you’ll take any 5* from 0 to 4/80 within one week. But forget all else for that week.

Take Wu first. Orbs come quite easily after a while since you have 2 more darts to go.

Forget about Li Xiu.

Leonidas can stay at 3/70 as he works as a mana cutter in a yellow stack team.

Depends on how you raid, I am not a fan of Poseidon. Onatel would be a better deal as compared to him. Only concern is that you are lacking snipers which might make Poseidon seems like a good choice at the moment.

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Update: The situation has gotten better and worse. I decided to max Poseidon, which means I have my first maxed legendary (yay!) and no darts (boo!) From there, I decided to work on Leonidas, because my monks are straight awful, and he would give my monk class trial quests some oomph. That also worked out, as I finished the Trials of Piety and Justice for the first time, albeit with a lot of carpet bombing (yay!)

So now, these are my yellows:

  • Poseidon 4^80
  • Onatel 3^70
  • Leonidas 2^46
  • Ranvir 1^1 (pulled this morning)
  • Wu Kong 1^1
  • Li Xiu 1^1 (x4)
  • Danzaburo 1^1 (x2; also Danzaburo +11)
  • Hu Tao 1^1

My thoughts:

  • Again, my alliance only fights small Titans (2-3 star; only 4 active members, but it’s a friends and family alliance, so I’m not leaving), so Wu and Ranvir aren’t huge priorities, but maybe they have other uses? Ranvir is a non-green druid who hits, so there’s that for class trials.
  • I need one more fighter to help with the Trials of Decimation (still haven’t finished), so I could go to Hu Tao next for that. Bonus: I’d get to remove emblems from Valen to give to Poseidon.
  • I could take Leonidas to 3^70 (currently have 7 orbs) to make monk trials easier and shore up war depth. So far, I really like him, and he might compete with Onatel for my next set of darts.
  • I could also leave Leonidas at 2^60 (still one of my more effective monks) and max Li Xiu for war depth and monk trials.
  • Hard to see any reason to max a second Danza at this point.
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IMO Li Xiu would be my next project.
He gives you depth in your bench, some mana control, and he is a monk something you said you need help with in class trails.
He is a 4* yes but you have 3 other 5* of the same color fighting for feeders. Now that’s alot of time & feeders.
I haven’t maxed a 5* yet so don’t know what it’s like but I’m close Evelyn(3:62) but you finished Poseidon.
The amount of time and the toll it took on you is something you only know. Do you want to endure that again even though the reward was SWEET and very much worth it or take a small break on a 4* that could tank for you in alliance wars and is another monk for class trails? Forgot to mention half the time of a 5*.
You could kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Li Xiu, Hu Tao, or Wu Kong; 2 of these for the price of 1 5*

Would do it in a heartbeat, but I’m out of darts. Best I could do is get them to 3^70. I’m between maxing Li Xiu, taking Leonidas to 3^70, maxing Hu Tao, or maxing Ranvir’s special, which I could hopefully do by 2^60. He doesn’t have to be very durable yet. I just want to see if his special is as good as advertised. His miss rate is too high until his special is 8/8.

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