Holy crap yellow

Based on your post, you don’t have either Jackal or Gretel yet, correct? In that case, take Chao to 3/60 and see how you’re fixed for darts. If you have 5, start working on Guin. If not, finish Chao.


Did you just say Jackal is disappointing??! I think you don’t know how to use him…he is FANTASTIC and with Wilbur, Proteus, and Hansel among the best 4* heroes in the game!!

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Obviously I beg to differ.

If you don’t like Jackal, it’s you, it’s not him.


You misunderstood. If I’ve had Jackal things would’vd been easy. Stellar 4* Holy I wish I had. Just got the advise I’ll stick to. I’ll take Chao to 3/60 and see what happens with pulls and darts and be patient. Thank’s guys!

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When does the event come back around for a chance to get Jackal?

This is the rotation generally. But if they have removed the Pirates event then Guardians should be back in two months.


I don’t have Chao, but I wish I did for one reason - class trials. Rangers on my roster are hard to come by. Just want to throw that out there. If you need another ranger, that’s a point in Chao’s favor. I’m stuck with Isshtak!

I thought these two were event heroes.

My only 4* Holy are Hu Tao and Wu Kong. Frankly the 4* classics are sad compared to the other colours. Only Li Xiu gives me any trouble with her mana down.

Wu works ok with gem damage, not so much with specials.

I had chao on 3 different accounts and I was happy on all of them. Never regretted chao at all and in the 4 star tournaments he’s quite good at helping lock up mana. Same with pairing him with Liu Xu on war cleanups where you can ghost tiles and charge them fast.


One more comment to add: Li and Guin are really defense only; Chao is really offense. Between AWs, raids, and class quests, he’s your best option on offense. Wu can’t sub for what Chao does.

At one point I had nothing but 6 Chao and 3s, lol - a yellow elemental draw got me 3 of those Chao and 7 3s. Never another yellow 4*, and no yellow 5*, so I kept and leveled two of him, and threw the rest on Li when she finally showed up. His mana control really did the trick, especially once I got Proteus (to use as suggested above, in place of the Hel I didn’t have). GL!

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Absolutely…Jackel is the best! I have 1 fully ascended with emblems and am working on another! Couldn’t live without him! Lol Have fun! Good luck!

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I have two maxed ones myself!

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Not sure how I misinterpreted you not liking Jackal and saying he suffers compared to others. Which is just demonstrably wrong.

It was bad wording

He meant the non event yellows suck. He’s hoping to get jackal and/or gretel from events, but he may have to level 3*, guin, or ranvir until then

Holy non event heros(not counting jackal and gretel since they are from events) are disappointing compared to other non event heros in other colors

So yes if you didn’t interpret it that way then it was clearly a misinterpretation, though poor wording on his.

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Sorry for unclarities. Yes, I wish I had the event heroes, Jackal and Gretel. Until then, I’ll give Chao a try - based on your recommendations. Thank’s!

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Chao definitely has his uses. I’ve been lucky in getting 5* Yellow shortly after him, and I had Wu first, so I’m slowly working on him by feeding him all my other Chao heroes ( I typed Chaos, but that of course looks hilariously wrong)

He’s a fast mana controller, which will help with stacking, and he should help on purple titans where Proteus has to sit on the bench.

Seeing him on Raid defense is a joy, however.


Wu’s special IS tile damage…

Wu’s special also boosts other hero specials but the added miss factor makes them, well, hit and miss. It is more detrimental to have a special miss 1/3 of the time than to have a bunch of gems miss 1/3 of the time. Typically 2 out of 3 gems will hit for more damage than 3 out of 3 without Wu. Typically you don’t get 2 out of 3 specials firing off.

Wu needs a good timing, him being squishy is another gamble.
When specials miss it is not only about missed damage, which is incredible with Wu, sometimes a missed debuff like Wilbur or kiril is a far bigger loss.

Anyway, Wu is king against titans, any color. I also use him in raids/attacks and on map/quest/challenge, but you have to learn how to use him

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I was very fortunate to have Wu as my first 4* yellow. With him on my original 4* team, I was able to beat most of the content in the game (my team was Sabina, Grimm, Gadeirus, Scarlett, and Wu).

I agree with your assessment of the other 4* yellow heroes. The only other non-event 4* yellow I’ve leveled is Chao. I’m currently leveling my second Jackal. I may do Li Xiu next.

I wish they would add a 4* yellow healer and a 4* defense debuffer. wish powers activate