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Hi @GDIBass, great work on this tool and thanks for creating it.

I have noticed a minor problem that I believe is recent: when adding emblems or restting emblems of a heroe, the emblem count is not updated under the ‘My Class’ section. Previously, the amount of emblems was updated accordingly.

It happened again.
I logged in today. Yellow was gone from my leveling plan. I refilled yellow, did some sorting of order in purple, blue and green, fully leveled one hero (costume) in green. Costumes in all these colours. Everything OK.
Logged out for a test and logged back in. Yellow was gone again, and so was purple and blue.

First thing’s first, HeroPlan is fantastic! I only had a request. I don’t know if it’s been suggested or in the works already, but my suggestion would be to add the ability to filter by limit broken heroes.

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@GDIBass do you mind adding the new Atlantis hero when you get the chance? Thanks as always! :slight_smile: