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I hadn’t thought of Venmo, only Paypal (they make tracking for taxes easy).

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Hrmmm, alright I might see if I can recreate this somehow. I’m also a good way through revamping the login process altogether to allow me to support / update the whole app better.

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@GDIBass Howdy, hope you’re well! Just linking the 3 new 5* costumes in the latest Challenge Festival portal for you to add when you get the chance. Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:


Inari is missing “Deals 180% damage to all enemies” in her stats. Thanks for the good work !

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It happened again. My red leveling plan was empty yesterday. Today my blue and my yellow. Immediately after logging in.

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Hrm, by any chance do you not have any costumes in your plans?

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Just logged back in. Now purple is gone too. Only green is left. Costumes in all plans.
This morning I added a new purple hero. Without costume. Then logged out.

@GDIBass Thanks for adding the new costumes from the last Challenge event! Much appreciated! I have tried to recreate the issues of heros disappearing, I have not been able to recreate their error condition. Sorry! :frowning:

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If they’re gone they won’t come back. I found a scenario that would have caused the plans to be wiped (and fixed it), but you’ll have to re-add the heroes. The scenario was:

  1. A plan only contained NON costumed heroes
  2. You re-ordered the plan
  3. The plan would be wiped on the server

This should be fixed now.

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Hello hello! First off, I just want to say thank you for this awesome awesome tool!

One thing I’ve noticed though, is that the older Challenge festival 1 costumes do not reflect the correct costume bonus. Though, I’m not sure if this opens up a whole can of worms for you to update this! :slight_smile:

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for me the update menu is gone
my bad, i was on “My profile” :rofl:


I think that might be because you’re clicking on heroes via the Mr Profile tab, rather than from the My Heroes tab :+1:


i was trying to see, in Browse Heroes, all the non -vslow,slow,average purple 4*

it seems that, at least, the magic (sergei) speed is not there; probably slayer, styx and other type of new speeds are missing in filters

found these in another location





Thank you, I’ll try in the next days.

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Magic should show up under charge

it aint

That hasn’t fixed it completely, I fear.

I just logged in to heroplan again. Since this bug appeared the first thing I always do is to check my leveling plans: This time Red vanished :cry:

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When was the last time you logged in? This could be a residual thing, where the levelling plan deletion happens when you log out, but you don’t notice until you’re logged back in.

I don’t remember exactly when I had logged on before.

I‘m using Heroplan only on my laptop and usually do not explicitly logout. I always have my browser open, even while doing other things or not using the laptop at all. Lately (after your latest security related changes) I had to always explicitly login again if I go to the Heroplan tab again.

They should be seperate I would think…in the game the Ninja Family all have ‘Charge’ speed while the Magic Family all have ‘Magic’ speed. While Magic speed is technically a form of a charge type mechanic, they are 2 distinct speeds. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding something here. I hope this adds clarification rather than being added unhelpful noise. Just don’t want you to have to do extra work if you’re adding in something now :nerd_face: