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I just noticed an error on Sanngrior in heroplan. He’s showing as boosting health of all allies, when he actually just does nearby:

Thank you so much for developing this tool, I use it all the time. Really appreciate the work you e put into it, I know it’s got to be a tremendous amount of time.

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@GDIBass heads up there’s a new gargoyle challenge event with 7 new heros (plus the 2 previously released)

3* - Budatin (purple), Soroca (blue)
4* - Kalø (green), Bellerive (yellow)
5* - Goseck (purple), El Duque (red), Arco (green)

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@GDIBass As always, thank you for all the hard work keeping Heroplan updated and working! Much appreciated! There are new heros from the Gargoyles’s event portal. Here are the new Heros’ Threads:


@GDIBass Thank you for adding the Gargoyle event heros to the database! Much appreciated! :wink:


@GDIBass , can you please add Roc‘s costume to the database?

Thank you very much for the good work.

Happy gaming


@GDIBass A couple of more additions this week to the hero database! One costume hero and one Season 5 hero. Thanks in advance! Very much appreciated! :wink:

Costume hero

Season 5 hero - Horus 5* Yellow hero (See link below in @kmwlew’s post).

Note - I updated my post with the correct released Season 5 hero.


@JAWS1 I believe Bennu’s hero link isn’t available because he hasn’t been released yet? However, can we please add Horus who is the new season 5 hero?

Thanks so much @GDIBass :slight_smile:


Thanks for catching my mistake @kmwlew! I’ll edit my post now! :wink:


@GDIBass There’s a new W3K 5* hero to be added to your database:

Thanks heaps for keeping this tool up to date :slight_smile:


Do you plan to add option for calculating total stats after limit breaking?

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@GDIBass Thank you for adding Liu Bei and Tethys to the database :heart: Two new Styx heroes and a new HOTM were released this week as seen below:

When you have the chance, could you please also add them in too? :pray:


Вот я тоже писала про хероплан

Добавьте, пожалуйста, планирование команд для ВТК

A reminder that it is a rule of the forum to use English when posting unless in the Foreign Languages category. Simply adding the English translation under your original text would meet this requirement. I’ll use Google Translate to try to get this message across better as well. Have a good day :nerd_face:

Напоминаем, что правилом форума является использование английского языка при размещении сообщений, кроме как в категории «Иностранные языки». Простое добавление английского перевода под исходным текстом удовлетворит этому требованию. Я также воспользуюсь Google Translate, чтобы лучше передать это сообщение. Хорошего дня :nerd_face:

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Maybe, but probably not. It’s decently complex and doesn’t seem particularly easy for me to implement.

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Should be added now!

FYI - I’m going to be doing some general security updates to Heroplan here soon - upgrading the server and some of the underlying technologies for various exploit patches & the like. It involve some pretty major updates and is likely to break a few things. If you notice anything broken in the upcoming days please let me know so I can fix it!


Thanks so much @GDIBass, and will do! Appreciate the heads up :slightly_smiling_face:


@GDIBass Thanks for working on the security updates to the site! Very important! I don’t know if you’re still working on the updates or not, but I did notice a problem over the last 15 minutes. I can’t add new heros to my hero list. See the screenshot:

I’ll try again in the AM. Thanks!

Same here for the troops