Need advise for next 5* green and red

Guys need advise for next green and red 5* hero to ascend.
Green - zoc 3.70, bertila , rataskr. 2nd c.lianna
Red - santa, jf, baldur

My maxed 5*
green - c.lianna, c kadilen
Red - mitsy, gefjon, marjana
Yelow- viv+6, norms+6, (next - ureus and bai)
Blue - misandra, Glenda, magni
Purple- Clarissa, bera, hel, grimble

My only 5* healer is viv, tho i have 2 sets of all 4 * healer heroes except sheep.
Have mats only for 1 hero in red and green.

Tell me whom to do and why?. Thanks in advance

Ratatoskr. High healing at average mana, high overall stats, good against blue titans.

Santa, if you don’t have Wilbur, for -44% defense debuff against all enemy, summons minions, sturdy hero. Jean Francois for overall support utility. Baldur for high attack stat. But if I were you, I’d hold on to the rings while building up your red 4* army.


Thanks have 2 wilburs maxed, one at +14. Santa and jf are at 3.70 for long time. Might as wel wait for some more time

I second this one.

Rat is good for titans.

Red have better selections later.


Thanks… I was actually leaning to zoc because of his mana control,
but i hve Hansel and cabin boy… i love them for events…
But 5* healer is definately worth. So was confused

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Of the two, Ratatoskr is a must. Another healer and a titan specialist will serve you well.

With the reds you have, I think JF will suit you best. I love his turning a defense down to a defense up best but that DOT goes right past the rispote healers. The elemental link is great for titans too.



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