“Have Fun: Kill Titans” needs you!

The Basics: We are a mid level alliance with a score of 101,000 (as of Jan 30). We fight 7 & 8 star titans. We have 26 players who are active on a daily basis.

We are a group of people from all over the world who have fun together while being committed to growing the alliance. Our core group of about 20 members has been together since the beginning of the alliance 8 months ago. We have consistently grown to the point where we are now.

We would love for you to come and complete our alliance. Requirements: 800 cup min, play daily to grow your account, hit every titan, and participate in wars if you have opted in.

Check us out in game - “Have Fun: Kill Titans”, leader is sammieseal

Contact me Line app, username - quantum.rev

Hay Yikers it’s Saf how things I’ve been searching for you guys for ages I hope the alliance has just changed its name and not disbanded I hope you and the crew are all well come drop by my alliance sometime its called “Frogkong” (don’t ask) all the best take care.

Hey Saf! Great to hear from you. I sent you a message a long time ago on Line app so that you could find us. Unfortunately, the alliance crumbled and we all kinda went our own ways. A group of us left together in search of a new home. We’re in Global Outpost. My game name is now Rev. It’s a top 300 alliance and the going is tough. Honestly, I’m terrible at that level fighting 12 star titans. Lol. I’ll swing by and check out your alliance.

I can’t believe the alliance has come to an end thats really sad what seemed to have triggered it all off? I quickly checked out your alliance and you guys seem really good the wars must be so much fun I saw Elle and Lei tagged along with you
I don’t think I noticed anyone else if you don’t mind could you tell them I said Hi as for our alliance I made one when I couldn’t find you guys after taking a break it’s a no thrill team where nobody talks theres about 9-10 members fighting 3-4* titans but
most are noobies. Anyway hope you pop by for a quick chat see you soon take care.

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