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These do not contain every bit of information on each topic, rather the stuff players may need to know quickly. I went for ease of use, value of info, and a good look. They are all formatted to fit phone screens. Feel free to share with whoever you wish as long as you don’t cut off the credit line. If anyone has suggestions for new ones, please let me know here.

EDIT: another one

EDIT: and one more


Wow… This was very helpful. Thanks for sharing. Just one question, what does the thrid picture mean? The mana generation stuff. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

That one shows how many tiles are needed to charge up the special for slow, avergae, fast, and very fast heroes. The bottom part shows what level a 4* mana helper troop has to be so that number is decreased.

Thanks for posting these! I’ve shifted this to #player-guides because it has a lot of very useful reference material, and because it has better longevity of threads staying near the top of the section than #general-discussion


Ok. Thanks. I just got confused in the part where it shows “Very Slow” as 1,and then again as 23.

Very Slow heroes get one tile shaved off that total number at both of those troop levels. That’s an understandable confusion.


Cool. Thanks for the speedy replies. You are awesome :slight_smile:

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Очень хорошая работа, из России большое спасибо за проделанный труд!!!


I have no idea what you said, but thanks (I think)! :grinning:


Redeye, on the card showing Color Rotations, under Rare Quests, what is black? This card is one I’ve needed for a while when trying to remember strong weak relations thanks!

Thank you for your hard work!!!

That is the Farholme Pass. There are two black balls, one for each of the Farholme pass quests, one which gives compass and d blades, and the other which gives gloves and tome of tactics. :slight_smile:


I wonder if the Hunt for Yellow monsters for Holy Chests aren’t much better at lower levels if we factor in player hero levels.

Case in point, you get the same number of yellow monsters (11) at lower levels of 9-4 or 9-6 with the same number of WE spent (4), but of course, your overall XP gained will be higher at 10-6 (by ~200XP). For most players who have played for a while, they would farm any of these stages likely on auto play, and when the farmer heroes can handle it, it makes sense for them to use 10-6 for more bang for the buck. But there is also the “danger” or difficulty factor involved. A player with weaker heroes would have a comparatively “easier” time to deal with 9-4 enemies than they would those at 10-6.

Nice work!
You could also add rare titans to the element rotation graphic, it’s the same as elemental summons

Thank you for this, it’s lovely work. The troop levelling chart is extremely useful.
Nice to see a fellow Terry Pratchett fan. I met him once. I said “Sir Terry, thank you so much for the years of pleasure reading your books.”. Deadpan, he replied “Madam, thank you for all your money.”
I miss him soooo much.


Wow @Redeye

Awesome work, thank you. Will share this with my alliance.

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