Troop rosters

I will add all the troop rosters here.


все супер, вот только где Огонь и Лёд!!)))

Sorry maks60. Not enough time to do fire and ice yet. But I will try to complete it for sure.

Well, we will wait, I wish you all the best!

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Is there a max troop lvl you can have when doing the special monthly events. i.e. Intermediate can only use 3* troops, BUT, can those troops be completely maxed ?

No level restriction to troops, just the star level


Please update troop rosters for
ICE and fire :slight_smile:

All troops updated.
As you wish.


Ahaha, you know , we love you!

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Thanks in advance

Edit: Never mind. I was able to find more info on this elsewhere in the forums.

Hi @Pois1. Do you happen to know what % mana boost a troop must have to reduce the number of tiles that a given hero needs to fill up their special?

Specifically, fast mana heroes require eight tiles to hit enemies (or four to pass through holes left by defeated enemies) in order to fill up their specials. Using a troop with a 7% mana boost doesn’t change that. When the troop is leveled up enough, and the mana boost gets to 9%, does that enable a hero with a Fast mana bar to fill it up with seven tiles?

Same question for Average mana speed heroes: What % does the boost need to be, in order for their bar to fill with nine tiles instead of the initially-required ten?

And so on…

Hope you can help! Thanks! =-]

For those that see the previous post and are curious, The info I have for Mana Troop break points is:

  • very slow - lvl 1, and a second break point at 23
  • very fast - lvl 11
  • slow - lvl 17
  • average - lvl 23
  • fast - lvl 29

This is great, thank you!!! =-]

Hello @Coppersky , do you know the function used to calculate this mana breakdown? I need it to create a little guide, but I used as function: (number of tiles)*(1 - %of mana troop) (It seems wrong…)

Hmm, wouldn’t it be (number of tiles)*(1+bonus%/100)

This means for example, lvl 23 troop with really slow would be: 12 tiles *1,13 (so, 1+13/100) (I think lvl 23 is 13%?) = 13,56 tiles = really slow charged.

Yeah, but the mana speed give an advantage, not a worst speed :joy: 13.56>12

Ah, you look it that way, what I mean is 12 tiles gets you 13,56 tiles’ worth of mana, so you get 1,5 extra.

In that case you just switch the * to /, so very slow would be 13,5/1,13= 11,94 tiles (with 13% mana boost)

Hope this helps:


Thank you very much Guys! :smiley: