:Crossed_swords: [28 Jun, 2020] - 62nd Raid Tournament - 3* Buff Booster, All Elements

wow, damn, the dedication!! I’m impressed.


I finished top 1% and got this load of hot garbage: wtf crap

Not one single unfarmable mat and 3 silver tokens. Now y’all can shut up about your “terrible loot” :joy:


Really enjoyed this tourney! :heart:
20:5 in offence, 9:6 defence (A,B,B,B,A).
What’s next? :joy:


I went out early on the 4th day and didn’t bother with the continue because I’d finished the POV requirement and of course I’d made that massive boo-boo on defence, so ended top 50%. BUT: although my defence finished at level E with 15 losses, it actually scored 6 wins. With a level 1 Gunnar tanking. Oops for me, but more oops for the attackers. Those must have been some VERY unhelpful boards.


At 1%, I got trap tools, 3 ETTs, 30 fighter emblems and 5 valhalla coins.



21 W - 4 L

Mostly used 4-1 teams with 4 strong against tank and Hawkmoon C as the 1. Usually, I prefer 3-2 or 3-1-1, but since my 3 stars are unemblemed I had to stack up on power to overcome the mountain of +100 emblem teams. :slight_smile:

Defense grade

A - A - B - B - A

Defense team

Final Result and Loot

Top 1%


I did pretty well on this tournament (finished 8th) so I thought I would share my team.
Defense: Hawkmoon costume, Bathazar costume, Kvasir, Tyrum costume, Azar costume. All had 20 emblems but no troops higher than level 7.
Attack: Sudri (no emblems), Bauchan (20), Azar Costume (20), Jahangir (20), Hawkmoon costume (20). I used this team for all but one fight and I won all 24 with this team, even when the opponent had multiple blue including the tank. 4 troops were level 1 and the other was level 8.


@Waaru - So the m$llion dollar question - is it worth spending the 233 emblems to max out a 3* hero vs using those emblems to complete 1/2 of the talent grid of a 4* hero or 1/5 of a 5* hero? I pulled the emblems off all my 3* heros because I wasn’t using them except for certain tournaments and events. I guess if you have a full stable of 30 maxed out 5* heros, you can spend emblems on 3* heros. I’ll get there one day! (Granted, this is probably not the thread to have this discussion. :wink:)

Well, I have no idea what his answer would be, but my idea of using emblems is to build an army… That said, I’d like to see a handful od my favourite 3* up to 11 tallents, the same for 4* that I use very much, 5* well, defence team and maybe sth else. :slight_smile: Obviously, it’s a never ending process, so no need to rush. :joy:

@Slobix - That makes sense. I have been doing that with my 4* and 5* heros, but not with my 3* heros. I may start looking at my 3* heros after the Christmas event. I’m saving my tokens for the December heros that will be available. :wink:

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Struck out on the 4th day this time. Got 19 attacks in. Still need 5 for the last PoV mission.

Offense: 15W - 4L
Defense: 6W - 0L

Melia - Gato - By-Ulf - Namahage - G.Bat

Rank: Top 5%

Loot: Hidden blade

On offense, I went mostly 4-1, stacking in the strong color vs the enemy tank. On the 4th day, I just didn’t get the tiles and struck out unfortunately. Was facing mostly fully +20 emblemed teams while none of my 3* heroes have emblems.


Hi Jaws,

In my opinion the answer is yes. I can currently pack quite a punch with the 3 star event. I dont have enough emblems or heroes to punch high in the 5 star events and only ok in 4 star. I might strip them out of the 3 star in the future. It is also the case that 5 of the heroes I have lots of emblems with have had them since they were my best team (jahangir, balthazar, tyrum, hawkmoon) and I havnt found myself with the resources free to strip them out and reallocate yet. It doesn’t help that of my maxed 5 stars they only covered 3 classes until last month and so cannot use emblems there .

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Really impressive stuff. Do you normally have to attack +500 TP up for the majority of the tournament? My last 11 attacks were on teams 2800 and up, which is pretty frustrating. Had a D defense, went 19-4 on offense, ended up top 10%. I just have a few 3* guys at +6 and 1 at +9, but your emblem disparity if even more extreme. Ridiculous number of +20 teams I had to fight (including 1 guy who was ranked 150).

Edit: I really thought my defense would do better, was going off of what people had posted here. Bjorn +3, C Hawkmoon +6, Gunnar (cost bonus), Muggy, Bane +6. But it went 4-7, so there goes any hope of finishing well even with 19 wins I guess.

Yeah Usually.

I don’t emblem my 3* or 4* heroes so am always fighting upwards. 500+ TP is pretty normal.

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Final result…

Day 5 was best…going 5:0 … rebuy on thursday…Grevle + Kvasir was a wicked combo on attack

Defense didn’t work out as well as expected…loot better than average. Was fun.


Final Result


ATK: 17-8
DEF: 5-1 (Grade A)
Score: Top 5%

Grevle is shine in this tournament, offense and defense :+1: :muscle:


2020-07-05 20.59.53
At least AM and 10 sorcerer :+1: :muscle:


Final rank and rewards (?):

Screenshot_20200704-103417233 (1)

Defense team used:

Defense team performance:

  • Wins: 4,
  • Loss: 0,
  • Grades: A, A, A, A, A.

Anyone possesses info of what and how many craft items necessary for ascending depending on heroes class PLEASE?! :crazy_face:

Class is irrelevant. It is the hero Rating (stars) & colour which dictate what items are needed to ascend a hero.

Info on Costume Ascension Costs:

Also for future reference @Mr_Smile maybe bookmark this thread as it has heaps of useful links which explain MANY many things:


Thx @Guvnor. It’s rare that I find infographics which are actually useful. :+1:

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