Help with team (new player)

I spent a decent amount of money on this game so far. Just started like a week and a half ago. And so far this is what I got… not too happy but I’m not really sure if they’re good or not. And I need some help making a team and how to improve. I’ve just been leveling up my castle (upgrading to 11 now) but my trophy is only at 500s and really hard to climb. I am at level 16 at the moment. At 16-9 for mission.

Anyways this is my team.


Thank you so much for the help! I really hope to get more competitive at this game, without going too broke.

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Ok first thing off DO NOT WORRY about 4s and 5s right now, other than Boldtusk.
Where are all of your 3s that you been getting???
Level up Bane, Balthazar, Melia, Boldtusk, and other 3
s they can take you far.
After you get at least 2-4 rainbow leveled 3s start on the 4s after you get 3-5 sets of rainbow 4s leveled you should be beating any events that come on 2nd Wed of the month… By beating these you will start getting the needed ascension item for the 5s…
You will hit a major roadblock trying to level your 4s and 5s and money will NOT help, I KNOW because I tried. Now I set with 46 5*s and about 8 on 4th ascension. Do your self a favor and become VERY CHEAP TO PLAY…


As Rohn said, do some 3* rainbow teams first, I’d say, at least 2, good 3* you can find here:

(for red, Bauchan could be added)

Four stars then:

  • red: Boldtusk, then Gormek for def down
  • yellow: Li Xiu or Chao, Li Xiu could be the better one with her mana cut on all, Chao is an average sniper with mana cut - if you like Titans, then Wu Kong
  • green: Kashhrek could be your tank (center) in defense, he’s good there, then Melendor as another good healer, maybe LJ then, Skittles is a bit mehh
  • blue: Kiril, very good buffer and healer, I have 3 of him and use them regularly, nice additions could be Grimm, Sonya or Boril
  • purple: whatever comes along, maybe start with Merlin to 2/70, good 4* would be Rigard, Tiburtus, Sabina, maybe Cyprian

When this is done, I’d focus on the 5* - it’s easier to get the ascension materials, if you have some good 4* as your backbone, with them you can do almost everything.

I’d recommend leveling 5 heroes at a time simultaneously, 1 of each color and feed them only 1* and 2* of their color, so you get an 20% XP bonus per feeder.


Ah thanks guys maybe that’s why I’ve been going so slow, been focusing mostly on 4* and not at all on 3*.
So I’m guessing for my level I should start with 3s first, I used most of them for leveling up my 4* sadly.
So what should I do with my 4*s? Just have them on standby for now? And also what should I be focusing on upgrading in terms of buildings? Should I be making out my training camp?

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I’d suggest you to slow down ypur rush and develop your base and level up ( more WOrld Energy allow you to get more resources to improve your army. Most players only have Bane, Layla, Jenneh Olaf and Sharan by the time you re playing The higher trophies you get stronger enemis you will face
Better learn the basics and push later.

Thank you. Yeah I guess I should slow it down for now until I get stronger. What should I be focusing base-wise to help me improve in the long run? I know the resources are important, what would be next? Thank you!

freind of mine started the game approx. 4 months after i did, i didn’t spend any money on the game till then.
so my friend joined the game and he saw my base and my heroes… 95% just 3* and my base was level 15 or 16 at this point… he spent a good amount of money and made some crazy pulls… looks exactly like your pulls… and from there he was totaly overwhelmed… he couldn’t do anything with his heroes… no food, no real base… nothing just a banch of good heroes…

what i want to say is, congrats to your heroes, but you should still focus on your base… if you don’t have a good base, you will have a very hard time leveling thouse 4*… i really recommand you to level a 3* rainbow team before you even start with a 4*.

good luck! :slight_smile:

Join an alliance, If you haven’t already. Titans and wars provides you resources and mats.

For your base: share an screen so we can give better advise :slight_smile:

If you have the VIP you will be able to save much time. Mines and farms are important, but seeing that you are far enough in world map you should consider watchtower so it can store more food and iron.

7-4 for monster chest, 8-7 for recruits and heroes and 9.1 for iron and food are your best farm stages for now. Avoid spending resources on potions and arrows until you assemble your team

You asked about the base. Typically, everyone recommends to rush to TC20 (training camp), because there you can train 5* heroes with a small chance. For this you mostly need iron (all 5 iron storages then on 18, as far as I remember for SH20) and the stronghold on 20 and much food for research (dunno the exact required food storage stages anymore -.-).

I would go these steps: 1 TC to 13 for 3* and 4* heroes and for banking food for the moment (you can swap out the training and get back the recruits and the food IF you have enough space for them, so level up some houses, but not too far - TC 13 requires 70 recruits, so 80-90 recruits space should fit with TC11 to swap - TC20 then requires 100 recruits), rest to TC11, research of TC1-4, so you can switch a bit if you want. One TC11 stores your recruits, it’s running 24/7, the other one could be used for TC11 or for 1-4, if you want some more feeders for leveling.

Keep a little bit up with the mines and the food producers, don’t forget the watch tower, it produces food and iron, too. Some forges up to 5 or higher could be useful, too. One forge with at least level 5 could be switched to barracks, where you can level troops - I’d only recommend that if you have much too much food, it’s very food expensive. Keep some troops in each color, but don’t carry it too far with 2*.
You can lock your troops and heroes, if you tap them and then tap on the lock in the top left corner.

And yes, if you aren’t in an alliance, join one. Look for their rules and expectations and if that meets your requirements, most alliances provide them in the description.

First thing, STOP wasting resources on Grazul, focus on Boldtusk. Then, depending on your level of patience, level either a team of 3* to 3/50 or a team of 4* up to 3/60. I wouldn’t recommend focusing on raids at this stage. It will be extremely frustrating, raiding without a proper hero roster. You only need one team for defense, but for raiding you will need a different team for each of the many situations you will encounter along the way. This is done by building up your roster to at least 3 x 4* heroes in each color, in order to be able to go 3/2 against the tank. Only then will raiding start, step by step, to make sense.


Yeah slow down on the 4*s imo. What will more likely happen if you continue focusing on 4*s is end up frustrated that you can’t get the ascension items for them.

The 3*s are the cheapest and fastest best heroes to max. So they should get all the love first as they’ll help you stack the strong color in those Rare quests (stack = i.e. use multiples of the strong color against the enemy to deal more damage with matches).

Every 2nd Wednesday of each month there’s challenge events, in the beginner difficulty only up to 3* heroes and 2* troops are allowed. Ditto the raid tournaments, once in a while there will be tournaments where only 3*s and 2* troops are allowed to participate.

So even when you begin to generally outgrow those heroes, they’re still going to be useful longterm for those… They’re a very cheap and useful longterm investment :slight_smile: