Advice for new players - March 2021

After reading so many different posts about ideas and how they are going to havea good or bad impact, it got me thinking…

What is the best advice you have ever received for Empires and Puzzles?

With such a large community and a wealth of experience behind it, let’s help our new family members.

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There’s a few too help the new folke search button is your friend :wink::+1:


Great. I’ll just delete this then since there’s old threads then… Lol

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I have edited your thread title. Hopefully it is useful. Yes, there have been other threads before, but I think this is a bit different.

I’d say the best advice I’ve ever received was to kill bigger titans.

I was suggested in the Peer Support chat that I can kill around 9* titans. At that time, I was in an alliance which struggled on smaller titans. I left my alliance, and I was talked into trying a 10* titan alliance IIRC. :rofl:

Anyway, right from the first titan in my new alliance I was happy with the better loot. My biggest regret in the game is staying too long in my first alliance!


Be patient, heroes and mats will come.

Level your 3s, then your 4s and then your 5s; if you don’t have materials for 4s, you’re not ready for 5*s.

Most important: Don’t feed away your first Bane!!!


Think about the long game. Progress will come but this is a marathon.

Find a good alliance and ask lots of questions.

Emblem all your two star hero’s up to 20 so you will be ready for when the tournaments return :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ok maybe just eat your twos…

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My leader back then gave me the advice to not summon too much, bcs I will never be able to max all the 5 stars. Didn’t believed him initialy but after a few months I looked at all my unleveled heroes and thought maaaaaan why I didn’t listened immediately :rofl:


This can’t be repeated enough. Don’t feed your first Bane to whatever 4* or 5* you have taken a liking to.