Advice for New Players July 2020

Let’s all drop our best advice for new players at this stage of the game. Oftentimes older games have bad advice online because it’s from when the game was quite different. Let’s get it up high in the Google search.

What advice would you give new players starting the game in summer 2020?


Save your money. No but seriously I would just recommend that new players do their due diligence on summon odds and loot box structures before they spend money to try and catch up with established players. If they still want to spend, by all means do so. That being said, check out the new player guides. It’s pretty much all there.


If you think spending money will bring you happiness, think again.

Set a limit, everyone is different, and keep expectations low. This game is for the long grinders, whether you pay or not


If you want spend money conservatively for V.I.P. pass and P.o.V pass for example.

After you get some experience look for the sweet deals if you want to.

Train 2 3* rainbow teams at first, then 2 4* rainbow teams and maybe then think about training 5* heros.
Only feed same color feeders to train a hero. Which means train 5 heros at once.

Buid your TC’s up as fast as possible. Level11, 13 and 20 are key.

For all buildings: Dont forget you can leave out a level when you research different levels in buildings.

Save your epic hero coins ( gold coins ) for the seasonal events so you can get non TC 20 heros.


Troops! Get a barracks built and make pulls for 4* troops and level them up. These work for all heroes and can be reused in wars unlike heroes.


Find a good training alliance with other players near your own level. Don’t try to play catch up. Enjoy the game at your own pace.


Well said! There’s a robust single-player element to the game you can enjoy, as well as plenty of alliance goals (titans, wars, etc). Raiding/PvP and rankings are all about keeping up with the Joneses - which will take big cash. Avoid that and enjoy the experience and quests!


Read the forums. Learn to use the search function. There’s a lot of wisdom here - and as you gain experience, you will be better able to apply the advice here to your own personal situation.

Pay attention to your play-style, and build your team accordingly. Choose your next hero based on what he/she/it will add to your current team.

Keep your expectations realistic. This game has a big luck element; sometimes you can beat a team much more powerful than yours, but not always. Sometimes you will get super lucky with summons, but definitely not most of the time.

And finally, remember - it’s only a game. :slight_smile: It’s a fun game, some people take it very seriously… but in the end, it’s only a game.


Replay levels! I know you may want to progress in the maps but to get recruits, ingredients and experience it is necessary to replay “ farm” easy levels. It is not wasting flags. Replaying a hard level and dying a bunch of times will not help you as much as winning an level you have already won.


Agree with that. The game improved (marginally, but as much as possible) when I quit doing raids or worrying about staying in diamond. Raiding is a legacy function that no longer means anything because of the programming changes and development of other content.

If I could give one piece of advice to new players (other than not to spend any money), it would be to ignore raiding.


Enjoy the game!

20 more characters.


Don’t spend money. Get the VIP pass and mayyyyyyyyyybe a super cheap offer here and there. Spending hand over fist will bring you nothing but frustration and an empty wallet.

  1. dont spend money until stronghold10; then decide
  2. read the forum
  3. ask the forum
  4. ask yourself: “do i have the patience to play this game?”
  5. if you enjoy the game after 6-12 months, carry on; if you dont, best to quit :slight_smile:

Farm 8-7. Relentlessly.


Great game I love playing. When you think the game is to easy start using different hero’s on the world map, quest, events and other places. Make the game as challenging as you want. Save gems for pulling hero’s. Don’t fast level buildings.


Lock your prized heroes and troops. Don’t feed your first Bane to other heroes. Don’t spend gems on skipping wait time for building construction and research. Don’t automatically heed the advise of one person; always look for a second or third opinion. And most importantly, LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS on getting what you want. This game is not a sprint, it is a marathon. You’re in one very long run. Or stumble and quit while still early… quietly.


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Find a good alliance!
Helpful teammates who chat, learn and grow together is key. The game is fun, and sometimes a little frustrating, but the people you’ll get to know are what makes it great.
Don’t stop looking for a good home until you find one.


3* makes 4* and 4* makes 5*
Find a alliance that suits you United_Evolution has spots :smirk::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If you want to spend don’t go crazy the odds aren’t in your favour, ask questions use the search here aswell first, if you get a new hero type it in and learn about them.
It’s a marathon takes time and effort to get to the top there always gonna be someone better than you and enjoy of course :sunglasses::+1::beer::hotdog:



Seriously. Get it as soon as you can.

No, it’s not guaranteed to give you a 5* every week (or month, or months). But it should eventually start dripping out 4* heroes that you can use in the meantime while you’re waiting on those precious legendaries.

And if you’re not patient enough to wait, you need more better heroes NOW?

Four TC20s.

You should eventually reach a point to where you have more heroes than AMs to finish them. Then you can cut back to one TC20, and set the others at 1, 2, 11 or 19 while you wait for those unfarmables to slowly start dribbling in.