Help with hero management: who to level/ascend first etc

Hey everyone, just looking for some advice/expert opinion from some of the more experienced players, just starting to get some 4 stars to 3^60 and with limited ascension mats am wondering which heroes to ascend first. Also wondering which of my heroes i should level next, if any should be high priority etc. And if its worth throwing emblems at any of my 3stars or just save then for 4star? Lastly, are there any 3stars that i should look to level, particularly the duplicates eg. Second berden or balthazar, or are all of them just food?

Of the 4* heroes you haven’t already pushed to 3.60, I’d level, Wu Kong, Proteus, Grimm, Melendor, and finish off your Guardian Falcon before starting Lancelot or finishing off Scarlett.

Of all your 4* heroes, I’d ascend Wilbur, Wu Kong, Grimm, Proteus and Melandor first. Those 5 make a really solid rainbow team.


Having 2 or even 3 Bane And Balthasar is a good move given raid tournaments and rare event challenges. They’re two of the top regularly available 3*s. I’m leveling my 3rd of each this week. Also a third Rudolph (though Nahmahage also works)

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