Help with blue and red heroes

I can max two blue 5* heroes and 1 red

Unfortunately no ranger emblems (Gefjon / Lewena / Finley!!! I’m looking at you)…

I’ll max Costumed Master Lepus but need help with my 2nd blue and one red (I’ll take Zenobia to 3:70 for Titan hits anyway)

Any advice and feedback is much appreciated

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C Lepus and cant go wrong with any of Lewanna, gefjon or zenobia depending on needs


Hey Luna :nerd_face:
Personally, I would take Zenobia to 3-70 and then work on maxing Lewena. However, this is because I really enjoy improving my Titan teams and pushing for my best scores (with only Forge items). I know this might not be as important to others. This would also give you more time to gather some emblems for a few nodes on Lewena :nerd_face:. For Ice, I would choose Iris after C Master Lepus. With all the buff heavy teams on defenses these days it is nice to have another dispelling option. I have also found her Dispell Over Time useful since I don’t have to choose between holding her a turn or 2 or firing right away. I wish she hit 3 evenly, but her hit is solid as well. You have some good options, and whatever heroes you choose, I hope it makes your gameplay even more fun :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:


Thanks both


I was thinking of Iris as well. It sounds crazy to leave Finley on the bench but I agree, Iris is probably going to be more useful


Lewena or Zagrog for Fire if emblems are such a big problem. Lewena because she is a fast and useful
hit all and Zagrog because he hits hard and has that mana ailments immunity.

For the second Ice, I’d personally go with Passepartout because he is one of the best healers and I tend to use healers a lot. For hitting purposes Iris or Finley (though I’d rather give the Ranger emblems to Lewena).

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Thanks @The_Seeker

Morel and Devana have my ranger emblems and the rest are going to Quenell and then it will be C-Athena (already maxed). That’s why I’m struggling with decision making. Finley, Gefjon and Lewena are all rangers (why do I keep getting rangers!). I will take Zenobia to 3:70 and probably do Lewena :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I would do Iris and Gefjon, but that’s just me :blue_heart: :heart:

Great collection, can’t go wrong with all those :heart_eyes:

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Great minds @Gwniver :green_heart:

I’ve just finished Gefjon and will work on Zenobia

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I would actually suggest paasepartout as your 2nd blue. His HoT, and def up are huge, and his class and high atk stat are really good in a stack. I took passepartout over iris and dont regret it.


Typical, giant-:peach: response coming in from the loquacious :panda_face: Beware :warning:


Passepartout - fo’ sho’

In ice, you only have Alexandrine for supportive healing, and Passe does that so much better. Plus, you can’t ever have too many healers for things like war :crazy_face:

Plus, as you said, you’re already planning to max C. ML first, and lack the necessary Ranger emblems to go full Finley (although, without costume, and with Morel, I don’t think he’d improve your team a whole lot anyway). The only other hero to consider here is Iris, and idk, she’d probably be great too (as I see dispel lacks in your 5* roster), but idk, I’m feeling Passe just a tish more. Couldn’t go wrong with either, though. :person_shrugging:


This one’s definitely more difficult. I mean, holy :poop: girl, your fire heroes are literally on fire :fire::heart_on_fire: (I’m jealous, and I hate you… but not really, no, I could never :crazy_face: lol)

Anyway, as I see it, you have several amazing, max-worthy options in:

  1. Lewena
  2. Zenobia
  3. Gefjon
  4. C. Santa Claus
  5. C. Elena (yeah, I said it!)

Lewena is obvious; she’ll greatly improve your defense scores, as her fast powerful AoE will always have a place there. Offensively, she’s a bit niche - and doesn’t offer a whole lot of “new” to your repertoire (as you already have several AoE defensive heroes maxed) - but the talent block for six turns could come in handy every so often. However, as I stated above, you did mention your Ranger emblems lacked.

Gefjon is also a Ranger, so suffers from something similar, and she only hits one, whereas Lewena hits all. So I don’t really see a world where you max Gefjon first less 1. You pull her costume 2. You want a fun counter to minions 3. You dig her artwork the most or 4. Your gut is directing you to her. I mean, I covet Gefjon, but practically, snipers are becoming less and less viable (less they can be paired with an EDD like C. Marjana). So this one, more than likely not

Zenobia unlike the above two, isn’t a Ranger. But what she also doesn’t share in common? She doesn’t need to be maxed to maximize her SS - whereas the above two do (since they’re purely offensive heroes in their primary purpose) . Zenobia’s tile buff works the same at 3/70 as it does at 4/80.

Her average speed hit is not something you can really depend on, since you’re unable to target the heroes you want. So her practical use in offensive raids definitely lacks. Her main, and primary, purpose is titans (and events), 100%. So if you’re looking to improve your scores, or place, in this facet of the game, then Zenobia is your girl - to increase that tile damage and survivability. Otherwise, moving on :sunglasses:

C. Santa Claus has one of the highest DD in this game, and in fire. Similar as Zenobia, if you’re looking to improve your titan scores, this dude can help. However, his minions, low attack stat and even slow speed, can get in the way of that a bit; obviously not first choice. He is a phenomenal Rush star tho, especially if you have other Christmas heroes to pair him with. Attack and defense down plus minions and AoE damage?! Hard to pass that up :sunglasses: Although, that is a quite niche purpose, so if that’s not your forté, then this dude should just learn to get comfy on your bench

C. Elena this one may be shocking, but C. Elena’s attack stat is no joke. & With costume, it’s not only made higher, she’s given more survivability too and you get two options of SS to utilize (although, they’re not all that different from one another :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: least it can be nice for trial quests I guess). C. Elena, since her main purpose is damage (tile and direct), requires being 4/80 to be utilized at maximum potential. Her counterattack is nice, but secondary.

She’s a great map/quest star, great for completing towers, and amazing if you’re after competition in challenge events. And obviously, can’t forget her place in Rush. Essentially, similar to C. Santa in that way, but inversed, as where he’s great for his effects and survivability, but crap for his damage, she’s great for her damage and tile damage, but crap for her survivability. Great hero though, that shouldn’t be underestimated just cuz she’s S1

(Tbh, I would’ve even thrown Khagan in as an option, as I love that S1 dude, but without a costume - compared to your other options - that may be a stretch :sweat_smile:)

The Rest ~

Costume-less Marjana and Azlar? No. Lady Loki and Noor? Very niche purposes, that for the time being, I’d make em wait in the back :innocent:

Personally, I have nothing substantial against Zagrog or Russell, I’m just really not a fan of most recently released HOTM. So I could be overlooking them simply due to my bias.

Therefore, best advice I can give is to go with your gut. After all, it is you that will be putting in the work, and reaping the rewards of said hero. Only you know who will bring the most joy, flow best within your roster, or fill a blatant gap in your teams.


Personally? My choice would either be Lewena (if emblems come in), or Zenobia (if they don’t), but I think most are valid choices here :grin:

All Done :upside_down_face:

Happy to help answer any questions too if you have any, otherwise, I wish you luck, Luna :green_heart: Considering the amazing heroes you’ve got in your roster, least you don’t have to worry bout making a mistake here. I don’t doubt whichever hero you choose, you’ll be pleased with the result :heart::blue_heart: So many great options! Enjoy :grin:


Thanks @C.Occam

I always appreciate the wisdom here

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Wonderful @RandaPanduh :green_heart:

Thanks for your input. Much appreciated (as always)

Passepartout then :blue_heart:

I think I’ll do Zenobia to 3:70 and eventually max Lewena :heart:

Thanks everyone for your feedback