Help to perfect event scores

I apologize if this post has already been created, unfortunately I have not seen any so I allow myself to ask the question … For events, how to be top 10 or ideally top 1? Should you play time very quickly and not exceed 40 seconds for example? What objects do you use at the same time? And I read this screen over and over again but I don’t understand what the “bonus match” is.

I did several tests during the events and I still cannot find answers to my questions, which is why I turn here on the forum, hoping to have help.
Sincerely, a player desperate.

Match bonus is based on your average combo. For the best score you want to make exactly one tile move, and it will be an 8x combo. If it’s more than 8x your time bonus will suffer. Completing stages in less than 40 seconds is best. You just gotta farm for an amazing starting board, and then use items to kill minion waves. Something like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I heard that too … And ■■■■. :confused: Thank you for taking the time to read me and for responding. :grin: @SWEG

I’ll leave this here. Hope it helps!! Good Luck!!


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