Challenge Event 'Match Bonus' inquiry

What is used in determining the Match Bonus of an event stage? Completed some stages on 3 accounts and noticed some variation of 2-3k in points awarded even when all completed in roughly the same timeframe and health. I only found one 15 month old thread that mentioned something on tiles. Maybe combos?

It’s basically a measure of the number of combos, diamonds, and dragons made vs. the total number of moves.

That’s why top competitors typically try to get runs through Stages where they can make a huge combo on their opening move, and make few additional moves, if any.


In my experience so far, if one of those mystery chests pops up in “shielded” mode at the beginning, it hampers the match bonus. However, the extra bonus points they give has made up for the extra moves needed to wait for them to open up :slight_smile:


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