Help putting together a raid team

Can I please get any advise on which team I should use as my raid team,I know these are not the greatest bunch to work with but it’s the cards that I have been dealt. Currently trying to level up hero’s but it’s a slow go.

What is your current defense setup?
Boldtusk and Kashrek both are good at tank.

When you say “raid team,” are you looking for advice on your defense, or on different combinations that are likely to be good on offense?


current defense
boldtusk-tiburtous-belith-sonya-bane, and i have them setup in that order also. now that i look at it that is same team i use as offense also.

i was thinking i guess more offensive, currently using boldtusk,tiburtous,belith,sondra ,bane in that order for offense and defense. any help would be great

belith is not good as tank.
before maxing other heroes:
Sonya - Belith - Boldtusk - Tiburtus - Bane

After maxing other heroes:
Sonya - Boldtusk - Hu Tao - Rigard - Evelyn
Sonya - Boldtusk - Kashrek - Rigard - Evelyn

For offense, you should compare your opponent, do I need cleanser/dispell, etc… and color stack for strong color againts opponent tank, and so on.


As far as offense, you’re almost forced to go rainbow because of who you have leveled right now.

The best advice I can probably give you at this point is who to work on to expand your roster. Once you have more options at your disposal, your goal should be to color stack against the enemy tank.

General Leveling Advice

At this point, you should be focusing on leveling 3* heroes instead of 4* heroes. 3* heroes are much faster to get to maximum level, and require no nonfarmable ascension materials.

You should be using same-color feeders to level your heroes, and work on leveling 5 heroes at a time (one of each color). This is the fastest way to improve your overall roster.

Who To Work On By Color

Purple: Finish off Balthazar. He is a very strong 3* attacker. Next, work on Chochin. He is relatively sturdy, and his splash damage attack will both hurt the enemy and help slow them down.

Yellow: Level Gan Ju next. He’s fast mana, and his mana cut can help delay enemy specials. Then, level Hu Tao to 3/60.

Red: Level Nashgar next. He is a decent sniper, and decent tile damage. Next, level Azar. Again, mana control will help you out.

Blue: Level Valen next. His fast defense debuff makes him one of the best 3* heroes. After he’s leveled, finish Gunnar.

Green: Level Brienne. Her attack buff is incredibly powerful. Next, take Kashhrek to 3/60. He is a very effective tank, and will serve you well for quite some time to come.

Who to work on after this will depend on what ascension materials you have, and what other 3* and 4* heroes you have by that point.


Thank you very much for the great advice,much needed and appreciated