Raids are killing me

Can anyone offer some advice,besides leveling up of heroes which I am in the process of doing , it just takes forever. On what would be my best option for defense team and possibly who I do go with as a resident of team.

You could try Belith-Tibs-BT-Sonya/Bane-Sonya/Bane (the one with highest def for flank, the other one in wing) for raid def for now.

And keep leveling, starting with a full set of maxed 3s (but finish BT too asap). Looks like you’ve been doing the same mistake as I did when I started, working on 5s before having even a rainbow team of 3s. Only you’ve been a bit wiser, at least saving the 3s…

Valen, Gato, Namahage, Brienne, Gunnar are all good 3s. Rigard is essential, Mel is nice to have and Kelile isn’t that bad. Hu Tao and Kashhrek are tanky and can serve well on def later on. Danza is entertaining if you’re so inclined.

You’re off to a good start, just have some work to do!


As a starter for 10. I would push levelling for Boldtusk, Tiburtus, Sonya, Kashhrek and Hu Tao

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What the other guys said, but gravemaker is your best character and also the best tank, so finish levelling Bloodtusk and then start working on him. After the 3rd ascension he should be able to take over tanking.

You have Evelyn too, she should flank your tank. Tiburtus is a great flank as well. Luck you.

No no no - he’s not that good until he’s maxed - follow the advice about finishing 3s and then 4s til you have the Ascension materials and training camps pumping out 80+ feeders a day for your 5*s

BT should be your tank today. Train Kash to be your tank in 2 weeks to a month. Otherwise focus on the three stars listed above. You’ll use them now in raid tourney’s; rare events and in raids. They’ll be done fast and you can help your alliance more in war with a deeper roster than with 5 half leveled 5*s


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