Help Please I am stuck 💔 (FS - who to pick?)

Hello Everyone!
I’ve been playing for a few months. Mostly F2P, occasionally buy some small things when I can afford it.
So I managed to get my 100 pulls for the Fated Summon and I can not decide which one to pick.
Here are screenshots of my Hero inventory.
I’m open to anything and everything. I don’t know what to keep and what not to keep.

Thank You in advance for the tips and advices and any/all help!!

you have Xiaotu, nice!

from the current batch, Lord Loki is probably the #1 most versatile as he can copy enemy special skill of your choice.

Malosi is an option for greater speed, but can really only stop special skill effects, not direct damage.

I would consider Lord Loki.

(definitely do not pick any from the 1st row, as you will eventually get them from training camps!)

PS I have edited your thread title to help get more attention, by signaling that you need FS advice!)


Stop doing pulls my first advice! Work those 3s, get at least 4 rainbow 3* teams maxed. Treevil, rekhetre, gunnar, rufus, faiez a good start. Tyrum, gan ju, ulmer, fianna, waqas would be the 2nd set I would max.


I’d pick Heimdall or Sif as your first 5. While not much of a difference, they each have 788 power vs some of the other suggestions like LL at 787

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Hmm, power doesn’t really impact much though? and that 1 power difference does not really mean anything gameplay-wise, does it?

anyway, sharing a thread that explains how hero power is calculated


If we’re taking special skills then Heimdall. In the 3* and occasional 4* arena, whose special skills is he going to copy, Dawa? Heimdall is useful immediately at 3/70 or 2/60, as he gives you a raw 500 hp boost, which is a much higher percentage for 3*s compared to 5s. The tank build means he survives, and the occasional revive and atk up will help. He will remain useful once you get tonics.

The other option is Bera at your level. She’s much faster, her minions are solid, and again a set poison is a higher percentage for 3*s, useful at 3/70 and maybe 2/60.

At your stage you need a 5 that can support your entire team while not being fully leveled. Heimdall is the clear choice, but if you want faster or to try the minion gameplay Bera is a solid choice.


PS he’s looking for fated summon. Switch it back pls?


thanks, someone switched it to FS already. missed that!

in the 3* and 4* arena, Lord Loki, Heimdall and other 5* can’t be used anyway so that’s a moot point :wink: :wink: :wink:

but if you mean facing other 3* and 4*, could be useful to copy e.g. Proteus, Gramps, Dawn… the whole point of LoLo is versatility. that said, you do make good points for Heimdall and Bera too.


Thank You very much for the advice!
I will need to read and research a bit more before I make a final decision because I don’t quite understand everything that is being said by everyone. I’m not much of a reader but I definitely need to educate myself more about the terms people are using cause right now some things I have no clue what people are saying about gameplay lol :flushed::person_shrugging::100::+1:

And yes I do have a 5* Hero in my roster, my one and only. Xiaotu. I like that one I use it for almost everything.

Thank You to everyone who has replied it’s very much appreciated!! :100::dart::pray::heart:

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You have to look at the long term. Lord Loki is going to pay off in spades in the long term and he is the only hero that copies. Lots of revivers and boosted health heroes out there, but only one Lord Loki. Unless one is a whale and can afford to keep summoning, you can’t pick the FS or SE based on immediate needs because these are the only opportunities to actually choose your hero.


My 2 cents ; lord Loki , Bera, Sif would be my top 3 for their versatility


lord loki is probably the most fun hero to use in the whole game.


Most conversations I have seen around this FS have the following heroes as “worth considering.” I would pick the one which seems like the most fun from this list, because it is a game. I’m going to mark the ones I think are too niche for general use for someone getting their second 5 star hero
Malosi - very fast hitter who blocks status effects
Grimble - steals minions (niche)
Inari - hit all who lets your team dodge attacks
Gefjon - sniper who steals minions (niche)
Heimdall - overhealer (heal beyond max)
Lord Loki - copies your choice of enemy skills (many consider this the “best” hero here)
Sif - riposte hero-reflect damage back at the attacker
Bera - summon minions who do poision damage and block other minions.

Any on this list will serve you well. For me, I relied on riposte a lot in my first year or so, so my inclination is to recommend Sif


Loki is a lot of fun! Being a cheap to play, there’s heroes I will never see ( I never chase) so it’s fun to use Hathor, Jove, ogima, aramis, hippo all vicariously through lord Loki :blush:


Ok so from your roster I would suggest you only need to keep one each of the following 3*:
Green = Belith, Brienne, Isshtak
Red = Azar, Nashgar, Ei-Dunn
Purple = Prisca, Renfeld, Tyrum, Chochin, Jack
Blue = Jarif, Graymane, Valen
Yellow = Gan Ju, Kailani, Dawa

I would keep 2 x Karil, 2 x Bane, 2 x Treevil, 2 x Berden and 2 x Hawkmoon for now

With regards to Fated Summons my personal choice would be either Heimdall or Lord Loki because they will be forever useful to you

Whichever heroes you choose good luck

PS: Please join a teaching alliance who mentor newer players through the game


Thank You very much!!
With this information it should keep me busy for a while.
Very much appreciated!

And I am going with Lord Loki. From what I have read so far it seems like a good fit for me and will be useful along the way.

Once again Thank You to Everyone!


I would say that of the heroes in FS Lord Loki with his ability to copy opponent’s special is the best long-term choice. As you are just starting out you won’t be in a position to max a 5* quickly, and you should be working on 3/4* first. So your choice is for later on. Lord Loki is least likely to become obsolete.

Edit: he is better suited to offense where you can control who he copies.



Thank You very very very much!

Now I will be on the lookout for an alliance that will be best suited for my current needs in the game. Your feedback has been much appreciated!! As well as Everyone else’s feedbacks.

Hope Everyone has a wonderful Evening :100::dart::+1::heart::blush:


nice, enjoy your new Lord Loki!

and if you have questions about terms and such, I’m sure many will be happy to define and explain them to you :slight_smile:

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For terms, a good starting point is the fictionary.

Aah I miss JonahTheBard …

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