Setup against yellow titans

Hi all. I would like to know your advices about which heroes I should take to face yellow titans.

Right now I run Wilbur - BT - Cyprian - Rigard - Hel. I usually get A+ when it comes about yellow titans, but now (rushed his ascension for the sand empire) Tiburtus is now at 4/70 and ready to fight, which means I should bring him for the colour stack.

So, who would you swap for Tiburtus?

I’d swap out Cyprian, though I’m not a fan of taking double healers into Titan Battles. Also depends on what size Titans you are facing and what crafted items you are taking as well. Good luck with your new line up options!

I’d replace Wilbur with Tibs.


Replace… Wilbur? Does not compute…

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He and tibs to the same thing. Wilbur drops defence a little further but tibs is strong element so will be better.

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Tiburtus def- does not work well with Wilbur’s def- because the overwrite each other, and Wilbur’s is the passive skill but the bigger drop… so Tiburtus would make no sense with Wilbur in the same team.

Besides that gives 4 purple against a yellow titan, which is higher tile damage overall

EDIT: Ninja’d lol

Good point of course, as they both do def down; but Wilbur also does def up AND spirit link, which for me would be more valuable than the colour stack. But then I am a gibbering coward who won’t go anywhere without defence and heals and is very dubious about mono or near-mono stacks.

Since Wilbur minimizes hurt and helps to keep Wu alive, I’d swap Boldie for Tibs. Bring bear or dragon banners instead for an additional att boost.

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About that…we are facing 7*-8* titans, and I usually bring axes, antidotes, healing and mana potions. The double healer is because BT + ATK and Rigard just for the tile damage

Wu isn’t an option, I don’t have him

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Wilbur also helps to keep others alive and he boosts your def as well as lowers the titans def.

I hadn’t considered that idea, I was just thinking about Wilbur or Cyprian. Let’s see what happens with Wilbur - Tibs - Cyprian - Rigard - Hel + attack banners

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