Got the tonics, but no clue who to use them on

I just got Frigg the 3/70 but it’s still difficult to get a good read on how good she’ll actually be when she’s maxed. I have a lot of other good candidates.

Here’s my current maxed greens

And here are the candidates for the tonics

Was leaning towards Hatter or Mother North, but I’d hate to find that Frigg turns out to be the new hotness and didn’t max her when I had the chance. Lady Locke was another one I was considering.

I’ve been testing Frigg at 3/70, but still don’t know if she’s worth maxing over Hatter, Mother or Locke or anyone of these other great heroes first.

Not really feeling Zocc all that much. Maybe one day, I’ll get him up. Atomos can wait, so can Margaret, who was the hero of the month when i first started playing. Horghall, Elkanen snd Kadilen are all costumed. Probably wouldn’t even consider them without costumes.

I do have Alberich, but Mother North would still be a great weapon for wars, events, raiding, etc

Lady Locke and Morgan Le Fay are similar and both have their merits.

Gregorian is not necessary at this point. Lianna and Kingston fill the sniper roles quite well at this point.

I have Miki maxed so Tarlak isn’t necessary at this point. He will get maxed at some point.

I have it narrowed down to Hatter, Mother North, Lady Locke or Frigg.

I am open to any constructive input that could change my mind.

I am also open to waiting a bit to see how Frigg plays out before maxing the next green to see if she turns out to be some sort of game changer. She seems hard to gauge at 3/70. I’ve won some raids with her, but i also have a pretty sturdy roster.


I’d wait for more info on frigg. I’d rule out MN only because you have a well emblemed Alby. That said, MN could pair well with Freya. I like the idea of hatter, he’s fun. If Frigg doesn’t seems to be what you are look for, Rat is solid as well. Great choices!!

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Once you learn how to use Rat he is awesome…

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I agree with @Chadmo, you should wait to see how Frigg turns out. I have her as well and am holding tonics until I am sure. Other option for me would be Lady Locke. She has great tile damage and her special is brutal once maxed. Great for any green stack and adds a nice DoT to your greens.

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I would max Frigg first, and Locke second, as the others won’t add too much to your roster. Frigg looks great for titans and would synergize well with your other greens, but if you’re not really happy with her Locke’s DOT can get very high with emblems and a cleanse is always useful. You can’t really go wrong with whatever you choose though, so just pick the one who fits your playstyle best.

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I know Mother North would add quite a bit to my roster. In wars, for example, I can only use Alberich once. It would be nice to have Mother North to fill that role for another attack team. Hatter’s buff steal would be quite useful. And I agree about Locke’s damage over time.

In my blues, for example, I got a crapload of scopes in a short period of time from mystic visons, titan loot and regular monster chests. I wanted to take a flyer on Snow White, so I maxed her and do not regret it one bit. I use her often on my raid teams. Clears all buffs and ailments and then uses them to power up her hit on all enemies. She’s very underrated.

I have more blues maxed than greens, so I want to max the best hero perhaps before I take a flyer on anyone.

Thank you for your input everyone. Please keep it coming. I need as much info and your experience with any of these heroes to help make my decision

i use both mother and alby in all wars. killer healer heroes are important in war.
you have so many great greens, its all gravy at this point. lady locke is unique for greens, but she’s so fragile, she needs emblems.

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That’s an interesting thought. Frigg and Ratatoskr may create an interesting synergy since they both depend on the number of green tiles on the board to maximize their specials.

Generally I’d say Kadlien or Locke. But depends on your troops and if you mono or break them up in wars.

If you mono I dont see much to gain by rushing to ascend any of them with 1 evelyn. Dual level 23 manas maybe Locke would squeeze in there otherwise. Telly and the 4 fast : eve lianna Kingston zeline would give best results imo.

Since you are embing your slows it makes me think your play style may be a bit different. Heck I’d even consider Tarlak with those options who is at least usable on blue titans and wont be permantely benched.

I would max frigg if i were u, just because she brings some new mechanics to the table. So u won’t have redundancy feeling

For my troops, I have a level 29 mana troop, a level 17 critical troop and I’m working on the next leveling up another mana troop of each color. Right now the second mana troop of each color is between 9-12.

I have my second green mana troop at 10 right now.

I’m gonna get them all to level 23 before I start leveling another mana troop of each color.

I rarely go mono. Only on occasion. I like having strong troops behind all of my heroes.

I do have a duplicate Evelyn, but she’s still at 1/1

Go with Frigg, she is just awesome!
Right now, I’m debating on whether to level another frigg, or ratatoskr for synergy

Certainly an enviable position to be in… I don’t have much to add other than to mention the synergy of a Titan attack team with Tarlak, Frigg, Rat, and Greg together would be putting out ridiculous, just silly high tile damage.


You are in such an envious position that I don’t even want to get in there. Man, you have such a fine selection of nature legendaries to max that I think any of them would be a luxury on your part and it ain’t wrong to do so.

But for me, I would jump and go for Frigg for reason that her skill is not a repetition of your other maxed nature legendaries like the revivers and healers and repeaters. She is the first nature legendary to be debuffing enemies’ regular defense at fast mana. Tried getting her with my 4,000+ valhalla coins but to no avail.

Pulled the trigger on Frigg. She tested best at 3/70 on raid teams. When you learn a bit how to beat play her, she can be dominate.

I don’t see her on defense much unless some red hero at tank becomes the new hotness. Then I could use her at flank.

The next one is between Hatter and Mother North. I’ll get to them all eventually.


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