Team building and ascent

Hi, I would appreciate some advice on building a team. In general, I would like to use for everythong raids,levels etc.

BLUE: I have an 80 lvl Magni costume, so I have the blue color solved. Then Glenda, Grimm C, Sonya C,Boril.

RED: 3/70 Elena costume and an 3/70 Azlar costume. Elena Counterattack is good, but she has endurance and often dies before she fires, so I would probably ascend Azlar. I also have 4 * Scarlett, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Gormek, Kelile.

GREEN 5 * Kingston, Bertila, Kadilen, Elkanen, Horghall C, 4 * Brynhild, Melendor C, Gaderius, Kashhrek C, Ceadmon C, Little John, Almur.

PURPLE 5 * Alfrike, Dark Lord, Obakan, newly Malicna, 4 * Proteus, Rigard C, Sabina, Tiburtus C, Merlin.

YELLOW 5 * Joon, Vivica, Leonidas, Inari, 4 * Mist, Chao, Gullinbursti, Wu Kong.

At the moment I have the composition Magni 80, Elena 3/70 and fully ascenf Rigard C, Melendor C, Mist, but I want to move on and have a fully 5 * team. I’m thinking of Mag C / Azlar C / Alfrike / Kingston / Vivica or Mag C / Azlar C / Rigard C / Kingston / Joon or a variant with two healers Magni C / Brynhild / Alfrike / Kingston / Vivica. I have material for one 5* ascend for each color so I will appreciate any advice on which ascend hero first and how to put together a team as a whole.

Thanks a lot.

Not much help in general, I’m still playing with 3*s, but don’t sleep on Wu Kong, especially if you care about Titans or things like special stages (Shiloh, etc.).

Maxing him literally brought me from the bottom 5 of my alliance to the top 5 on Titans (I mean, they’re 6-7* Titans, but they’re Titans! lol), as well as allowing me to complete those special quests, which were not even a consideration before him.

He’s maddening when he misses, but when he hits…

I underestimated Wu Kong, I have it on the bench and I don’t use it at all. He is strong on the titans but there is no such glory in the raid.

Agreed. I don’t think I would ever bring him into a raid, maybe situationally? Better players can chime in on that one, but for me? Nah. Way too much risk, too little potential for reward in raids.

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