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We have have accumulated a wealth of E&P knowledge here on our East of the Equator Discord Server. We have also received requests from general E&P players who would appreciate access to this wealth of information. Be it family, friends, gaming buddies or recruits that don’t quite meet our entry requirements, I thought it would be a good idea if we opened up access to our info-n-tips channels (actually the general public already had access - as we didn’t want anyone applying to get too bored while waiting for us to greet them). And so we now have a role called “Knowledge Seekers” who can read our info channels (read only) and have their own knowledge-seekers-chat channel where they can chat with us. In this channel they can request advice (if anyone has the time to answer great! if not, no worries), or share their own E&P wisdom we can post in our library.

East of the Equator team member names appear in Green (ex members in dark green), Recruits in blue and Knowledge Seekers in dark blue.

Recruits will also be granted permissions to read & write in this knowledge-seekers-chat channel. The more interactions they have before us the more we’ll get to see if they are a good fit for our alliance before they join. wink

If you have friends/ family you’d like to have join this Knowledge Seekers role simply give them the link to our Discord & tell them to introduce themselves are Knowledge Seekers! (and letting us know where they heard of us also helps!

To join our Discord’s Knowledge-seekers-chat channel have them use this link to invite them over:

It’s free. Check it out

Why did you post this in Alliance recruitment … you should place it into Community Content!

I put it in both sections, figured newer players might find it here also

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Need help, this is the place

Do you have room for at least 10 players?
My alliance “Happy Homies” has 15 players, 10 very active, who would like to grow in the game.
We have been looking into merging or joining a group.
Alliance is 1K to 3K and looking forward to learning to grow, but not be bottom feeders to not grow.

Any help is helpful, Thanks

Any minimum reqs you’re lookin for in a merge? Minimum titan level or anything?

FWIW @Elgringovato, the post before yours was over a year ago - not sure if the OP is active enough to reply.

Instead, it might pay to make your own recruitment thread and including the answers to the questions Rigs suggested above.


Hey Rigs,
Thinking we should be hitting 4-6 Titans, and active in wars, needing about 5 or more people.

Sarah, you are correct, will move my subject, thanks. {Learning this forum…I’m ConfuZed}.

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