New players guide on discord

New players guide on discord

Are alliance is now full but we have a new players guide on our discord,
books We now welcome Knowledge Seekers! books
We have have accumulated a wealth of E&P knowledge here on our East of the Equator Discord Server. We have also received requests from general E&P players who would appreciate access to this wealth of information. Be it family, friends, gaming buddies or recruits that don’t quite meet our entry requirements, I thought it would be a good idea if we opened up access to our info-n-tips channels (actually the general public already had access - as we didn’t want anyone applying to get too bored while waiting for us to greet them). And so we now have a role called “Knowledge Seekers” who can read our info channels (read only) and have their own knowledge-seekers-chat channel where they can chat with us. In this channel they can request advice (if anyone has the time to answer great! if not, no worries), or share their own E&P wisdom we can post in our library.

East of the Equator team member names appear in Green (ex members in dark green), Recruits in blue and Knowledge Seekers in dark blue.

Recruits will also be granted permissions to read & write in this knowledge-seekers-chat channel. The more interactions they have before us the more we’ll get to see if they are a good fit for our alliance before they

To join our Discord’s Knowledge-seekers-chat channel have them use this link to invite them over:

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Come check it out, its free

Is this new? I try to join East of the Equator when I first started playing and I didnt meet the requirements and got adviced to go to another alliance. Ya’ll were friendly but I ask if I could stick around so I can learn but there was no place for that so I was kicked from the channel.

I am glad yall have a spot for new comers and prospects. Sucks to be rejected and left to figure things out on your own.

Good luck!

Yes this is new, we had several requests for it so we opened some of it up, also will answer any questions you have or give advice on team lineups if you need it

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Every thing a new player needs is here

Come check it out, have fun, learn, and share

New to the game, down load discord, then hit the link above

Our membership is growing, dont miss out

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