Help deciding new war team?

Oh no, I’m thinking of doing the accursed thing and doing a mono-dark war defense.

Anyhow. Largely can’t decide who for healer; Costume Rigard or Kunchen?

Possible choices are;


In mono purple I’d do kunch. His elemental witless be a massive help with keeping you alive if they stack yellow.


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I second Kunchen. The elemental link will be nice. Then you combine defense down with Panther’s EDD and you have Killhare and Onyx to wipe teams out easily.

Do you actually need a healer on your war team?
Have you ruled out Aeron over Rigard?
Why mono purple (curious about this one most)?

Thanks for both of these, guys! :slight_smile:

And for your questions;
Not sure, just thought it might be worth having one? i could maybe risk it without one if it’s better?
Tried Aeron on mix of offense/defense on raids before, found his elemental link attack boost weaker than rigard’s, and healing weaker too and covering less of the team. But then Aeron’d have better synergy with Killhare and his special can deflect her def down effect of her special, so I suppose there’s pros and cons here.
And I decided for a mono purple just for the hell of it I guess? I was previously trying to go with a sturdy defence, and my current war defence team power is nearly 4600 … but with this current war , i found even with such a high defence power, my defence was being hard focused anyway, and fell at least 3 times to an enemy alliance, so I got tired of it and now just wanna put together a mono defence for fun? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I think I keep getting jealous as I see these issues. Why don’t I have such heroes lol

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