Helios EOS 🌞 Training Alliance for (Top 100) Helios

At its best, Helios Eos is a training alliance that prepares the members for the next level of competition, and feeds directly to Helios (main).

Recently we’ve had to clean house and significantly adjust our membership.

We are dispatching 8* titans with ease at the moment, but our target is 10*, some 11*

I would love for you to join me as we return Eos to its best.

This is the ideal fit for our alliance:

  • Mid-Level players
  • Higher level players who need a step back from the top 300 grind
  • Higher level players willing to help mid-level players take their game up to the next level
  • Anyone who wants to be a part of the Helios family and hang with some pretty great people.
-No TP requirement
-8/9/10* Titans
-1800+ cups (cup dropping allowed)
-War optional. Must use all flags if opted-in
-18+, International players, English preferred language in chat
-Contact PeachyKeen @justf*ckenpeachy on Line 
(*all that is missing is U)

Looking for a stronger alliance? Top 100 Alliance 🌞 HELIOS Recruiting (Helios-1 Spot open, EOS- Open, Selene- Open)

Tagging Helios leadership - @Munch @Cvs @lightsmessenger


I have grown so much in Helios, from someone who had to cup drop regularly and significantly just to barely maintain in gold, to comfortably sitting in diamond. The knowledge and experience I get from my alliance mates are invaluable. Helios is a perfect home if you are looking for a competitive yet friendly and relaxed game experience. Don’t take my word for it. Come and find out for yourself; and you will only wish you had joined sooner.


I was supposed to write this post, but couldn’t get to it…but Helios has their teammates back. It really is a family and you should check it out yourself.

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It’s all good. I had a free moment. :sun_with_face:

Already moving up! Killing 9* titans now with a bit more house cleaning to do,

Whether you are a trainer or a mid-level trainee, join us. Low key environment, active players, alliance with both purpose and direction.

Hi, messaged you on Line!


We are doing well on titans, the occasional 9* here and there. We have cleaned house and are thriving.

Join us and prepare for the big leagues.

The factory is almost fully rebuilt and back to working order, will you be the next to join us?


We’re resting/passing on a 10* again and almost at our goal for titans (all 10*, occasional 11*)

We would like to add 1 or 2 more players who want a relaxed, mid-level alliance where they have the breathing room to improve and prepare for the big leagues.

Are you getting tired of stressing out over 14 * titans and intense wars with zero margin of error?

Join Helios Eos for a step back. It is more relaxed, lower pressure.
You can help guide some mid-level players on the principles and knowledge of what it takes to play in the top alliances, and take a half-step back from the game.

Are you a mid-level player looking to improve your game?

Join our knowledgeable team and grow!

Cup-dropping is OK. Just reach me on Line (justf*ckenpeachy, * = u)

Just reach me on Line (justf*ckenpeachy, * = u)

Let’s just say that I would love to provide you a home with good titan eating and raise you up to be a strong top 100 member of society.

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