๐ŸŒž **Helios** - One Spot Open (09/09) -- Current titan: 11* Emperor Dragon

:sun_with_face: Helios :sun_with_face: โ€“ Looking for you!

We have 2 spots open

Most importantly, we foster a drama-free, supportive environment with an amazing core of players that have been together 1-2 years.

Which Alliance Fits Your Play Style?

  • Beginning Player (Helios Inn)
  • Intermediate Player ([Helios] Turtle Farm)
  • Advanced Player (Helios)

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Everyday player, looking for 9* titans and super-active chat?
Join Helios โ€“ Featuring the famous Razvedchik as leader and a host of knowledgeable Cos.

Casual player? Semi-regular? Regular but not quite ready for the big leagues?
Join [Helios] Turtle Farm โ€“ Featuring the incredible ME as the leader. We feature excellent hints on how to improve and support everyone along the way.

Need to take a break from the game, chill out a bit, maybe hit a titan if you feel like it, with zero expectations?
Join Helios Inn โ€“ Featuring Flip, Flip 2.0 andโ€ฆ well occasionally others.

I know everyone has their choice of alliances, but Iโ€™ve been with this one for over 6 months and I have felt at home here.
We use Line, like so many other alliances, but we do a great job of taking care of our teammates. We support each other in game and have even developed friendships beyond the game.

If youโ€™re looking for a place to feel welcomed, join us.
Weโ€™d love to have you.

I would be remiss if I didnโ€™t call out my girl Kay. Love ya!

(Youโ€™ll like her too)

Honorable mention goes out to everyone else. You know who you are, everyone else, and here I am smiling at you.

How many spots do you have available?

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Thank you for asking!
We have three spots each in the top two.

Thank you, hon. I appreciate the support. We have enjoyed having you and your wife as members.

One thing I do like about this group is that we are very accepting and cordial without any drama or silly little tiffs that can cause divides.

Iโ€™ll bump this post as we have 4 spots open in our lower-level training alliance.
[Helios] Brave Turtles

We have relaxed play requirements, as long as you check in every few days or so or let us know if your absence will be extended.

We are easily defeating 5* and most 6* titans, and have an excellent staff of folks who love to help others grow and enjoy the game, as well as the friendships that grow from it.

We have 3 spots open in Helios, our parent alliance.

One of our venerated friends has stopped playing. Miss you already Pickle Rick.

We are pretty much farming 8* titans and taking down 9* on occasion. A few heavies and we can destroy a 10*

Please join us

Congrats to Aznfury & PeachyKeen, the new Co-leaders of the parent alliance!

Just joined the Turtle Farm. Not sure what Iโ€™m supposed to do. Only playing a week.


Iโ€™m a fairly heavy hitter. Very active. Spend money on the game. Looking for an active alliance that everyone fight in AW and hits titan. Is that one of your alliances?


Yes. @Testy Helios is the place for you. Tell them I sent you, youll be warmly greeted :slight_smile:

Welcome, @Vance We are happy to have you.

Just a quick update. I joined Helios just a tad under a year ago. My service time will say otherwise as I have gone between Helios and [Helios] Turtle Farm. Helios has been great for me. Good people and fun banter. My time in the Turtle Farm was also great as people there had that new love of the game that some of us who have been playing forever have lost a little.

Helios, 2 open slots
[Helios] Turtle Farm,. 2 open slots

Hope to see some new blood soon.


Hey Vance, I too am new to the team. If you have not already done so I would suggest joining the teamโ€™s chat on LINE.

Iโ€™ve been blessed with a huge about of information from the team members helps me grow.
Stop by Iโ€™m sure they would love to hear from you.



Thanks for chiming in bud! Youve a great team and attitude. Glad you joined us!!

Helios: 2 slots open
[Helios] Turtle Farm: 6 slots open

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We are looking for 1 more solid player with a 3500+ team.

Any takers :slight_smile:

We have a 9* Rare Rooster. Would love it if you stopped by and enjoyed the company!

Helios: 2 slots open
[Helios] Turtle Farm: 2 slots open

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