Hel or Ursena


In all seriousness though, even with an already maxed proteus I’d rather run him AND Hel than Ursena, and it is not particularly close


I’m thinking the Sorcerer that hits all five when emblemed should proc a lot for raiding and you know she will be good on titans. Hel is awesome no doubt but I’m thinking you couldn’t go wrong either way. Be cool if you had Ariel and Poseidon for the family bonus. Which in my opinion could turn into a big deal in the future.


I have ariel and Poseidon and Sartana. I think I would still rather have Hel on my defence in Sartana’s place, she is just that good!

But that’s easy to say when I didn’t have any luck and pull either of the hero’s. Lol

I would say Ursena… so sexy and more options than Hel. Lucky you in any case :wink:

Η Ε L top 3 hero in the game

I decided to go with Ursena first:), Hel will come next!
it’s not like she will stay unleveled forever.
Thank you all, and good luck with your pulls.
Like we say in Croatian: Sweet worries


Luckily I already have Hel at 3.7 so now working on Ursena. Only 3 tabards tho :grimacing:

Hel is a game changer for me at 3/70.

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