Heimdall: defense or health emblem path?

Subject says it all. Extra health allows him to potentially double his health but as a paladin he gets 25% extra defense. I plan to use him as a tank. Which path is best?

Flat healing greatly benefits defense stacking over health for almost every PvP scenarios and him being a paladin double down on that.

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My thoughts on this topic:

Source/ additonal discussion: "How better" is +18 DEF than +36 Health right now? In what cases it's resonable to go for the HP instead?

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Emphasize defense and you’ll still pick up some HP. Higher defense is higher 25% boost. He’s slow, so harder to kill helps.

Mine is at +9 emphasizing defense path:


Then I gave a 4* lvl 15 crit troop on him to add +21% defense.

I’ve seen some go attack route because base defense is so high already, but as a slow tank I think you are not looking for offense. Plus he buffs offense when he fires. SO between being a Paladin and boosting offense when he fires…he’s kind of a perfect tank. Especially with the HP boost and 10% mana boost realm bonus upon death.

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