Heathens & Heretics – 9-10* titans, all the fun, none of the pressure!

Warm and cozy home for experienced players who want to take it easy and actually enjoy the game. Titans hits a must, war is optional, must use all AW flags if you opt in. Line for communication preferred and encouraged.


  • ~4000+ TP, 1800 cups
  • Sense of humor (yes, we joke a lot).
  • 18+
  • Common sense.

Who we are:

15 experienced, dedicated, very active, fun-loving members that have been together through thick and thin. All imbeciles and drama-generators have been weeded out. We have a lively chat with lots of jokes, hit titans daily and always use all war flags.

Current alliance averages are:

  • Average trophies – 2457
  • Average TP – 4400+
  • Average level – 65.

Come check us out!

Leave questions in comments, or message alina8665 in Line. See you soon!

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