Health Point Event Boss

Hi guys, Is there a picture / table about the health points of the challenge event boss for each difficulty level and each stage? thank you

Have you checked the main thread… :thinking:

Need HP, not who the boss

Sorry, I didn’t think to record the HP.
@yelnats_24 you record everything, can you answer @Frans3000 query? Or @Guvnor do you know?

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This is absolutely excellent. Do you by chance have these for all Events? And if so, is it here on the forum? If not, it would be awesome to post them all somewhere.

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I don’t know if there are ones for other events, you’d have to ask @ColdHands as they’re the one who made it.

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I do have it for every single event on my website. I don’t want to post links here, that would be kind of aggressive advertising. :smiley: Point me a topic where I should post it and it will be done :slight_smile: Not sure if I have English version for every single event, gonna check that later.

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Maybe just put it here:

Or perhaps just created a new one for just these, showing all the HPs of the bosses per level. I can see it being very useful, especially for newer players.