Active Player looking for an active alliance to grow my roster and fight 9-10* Titans

Hi all,

I’ve played this game for 3 months and invested a decent amount of money but it seems that it’s quite hard to get ascension materials if your not fighting strong Titans, 9* and above. I have a decent team that is growing daily but I’m not that focused on it. I try to grow as many heroes as possible so I can fare well in wars. My alliance is a decent one but we have quite a lot of players that lost interest in the game and only hang around to chat in the game or on Line. It’s really frustrating when you are a competitive player and you see that most of the members are active but don’t hit the titan or use their war flags because they don’t care. I would love to join a competitive alliance who strives to grow and smash the leaderboards.
Line ID: Alex_mokas
Below you can see some screenshots with my profile and roster.

Thank you,

@AlexF Come check us out at Battle Toads Dynasty. We are an active alliance.

Judging your roster line up you would be a great fit for us.
A good alliance cares for others and thats what we are all about. Helping each other out.

Check us out!

Edit: We have one spot left. Leader is Tony @ElToneo

Hi @parallelsys,

Your alliance looks nice, very similar to the one that I’m in right now. What titans do you guys fight?
Do you use war strategies?

Thank you,


Yes we use war strategies and we are competitive and serious about it. We are all active. We have rules when it comes to war and titans. We are all about understanding, communication, and helping others ascend.

We mostly hit 7 and 8* Titans as well as rares. I do have to tell you that I have not come across disappointing loot. Except for one time and that was yesterday … :smiley: lol

With all that said, We have fun! :smiley:

You’d be more than welcome in our Alliance. But if you’re comfortable where you are that’s fine. We’re very active and full of knowledge.

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we fight and defeat all 10 level titans, I never even knew they existed till I joined this stronger alliance. One person left yesterday. My team at 3600 is 2nd to worst in this alliance and I love it, I got a tabbard yesterday as a participation trophy . haha Seriously though I’ve learned a lot from the group they have a definite strategy (same tank is an example), all flags are used and we can do “mop up duty” in war until we can play with the big boys and girls.

Hi @hoku,

Sound really good. What is your alliance?

Hey @AlexF

We are a group called Forgotten Unity. We are currently seeking people like you that want to succeed. We are currently on 7* titans, but they are down VERY quickly, so we should be in the 8 and 9* range in the next few days. If you’d like to chat with us and see if you’re a fit, shoot me a DM on discord at Duche#7369

Hope to hear from you.

Forgotten Unity

We have an armada of alliances, 6 of them ranging from killing 7-8* titans to 10*-11* titans. It allows for everyone to find a titan it feels comfortable with and move accordingly. We are helpful and have rooms in line to discuss and strategize and answer doubts. You seem a good fit for “ The Ironclad” 8*-9* titans, in time moving to The Black Pearl, 10*-11* titans.
If you use line, contact me, branwen62

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