Hansel’s emblem path

So I started putting emblems on Hansel and contemplating whether to take him through attack/defense path or defense/health path, or all three equally. Defense/health option one may better suit him because he is a utility hero, on the other hand he can hit hard as well so maybe option two. I am thinking option three, to simply enhance his balance.

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My Hansel, mostly defence with a splash of attack as a spice. He is not valuable because of how hard he hits but needs to stay alive to use his skill.


Totally. His skill is the real deal

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I chose this way, he’s still a part of my blue Titan team so…


I’ve decided that I don’t care about trying to have a mega defense team so I don’t wish to only give my emblems to top 5* of each class. If the rewards got better at 2800 cups and up I might care more. I gave 4 nodes to costumed Rigard since I take him everywhere and I’d like to now give remaining cleric emblems to Hansel, who is an excellent hero and someone I often bring in raids.

The main question is, do I go defense/HP route or attack. I feel like he doesn’t hit hard and his special is about locking up a hero. So I’m thinking it’s better to keep him alive with defense/HP than go full attack with him, like I did for Proteus. Especially because then I could just give him an attack/mana troop for balance.

Any thoughts or arguments to the contrary? Thanks!

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I’d go Def too - he wants to be alive to fire and lock enemies down.

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I agree too. Exactly as for Proteus, you wanna have him shoot as many times as possibile.

I have a +20 Proteus, with whom I went def-life, he still got to 750 atk, which is quite fine for a 4s


I was looking for a thread where i can read about Hansel path and found this one.

My proteus is +16 , thanks for the tip i will take the same route for Hansel (def-life)

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