Unbalanced Monthly Events

I knew Zero is an Ambassador the very first event I saw him there with 3/70 heroes crushing competition with max out rosters, I have competed myself and know how exhausting the event can be, and most of all I know what it takes…

Even if he was F2P, I truly believe he would easily be top 3, if not even at the very top, you can give a lot of players the roster or the spending he has done and I doubt 95% of them would even come close.

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Oh, well, i’m even more sad then you cause i do exactly the same things but not have the same outcome :grin:

Thanks for sharing, i do think you are sincere.

No. Just no. Not correct.

Do not batter yourself, you worked hard and deserve everything you achieved, you have been an inspiration for me, encouraged me the first time I was timid with the event and gave me strength to make it into top 50.

You even gave out strategy, showed scores, even gave one of your team mates a shot, which I doubt many others would’ve done that, also to be transparent and put everything in the light like that, and even with all that still at the top, that’s true champion spirit.

And one last thing I am very torn about the idea of stepping out of any category just cause people are complaining or what not, I wish you continue and go at it with everything you got and remain that great Ambassador I know :innocent:


Funny because… I love you too :grin::heart_eyes:

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Nope, I disagree, Chuck. I watch my son @Wharflord (who won Beginner once, regularly places top 10) playing these events, and he is moving with a speed and focus that I can’t begin to match. With a much weaker bench than mine (he’s basically cheap-to-play, I’m not), he regularly places much higher than I do.

This is not just about luck or resources, it’s about skill and focus. As with @Xero786, sleep is a luxury for him on event weekends. He’s got his spreadsheet plotting his scores against previous runs and a theoretical fit curve (he was incredibly annoyed about the change in scoring, which threw off all his benchmarks), looking for where he can gain a few points by re-running a level.

So when I see a consistent set of people at the top of the scoreboard, I salute them. I’ve seen firsthand how much focus and dedication it takes to hold those top slots.


you have no idea how hard this made me laugh


The event gave me 1 WE flask at start, and I won 6 as rewards. I ended the event with 17 WE flasks.

I save them for the event and can never find enough time to actually use them. lol

This is all the data collection I’ve done for empires. It might be a little over the top.

My ‘benchmark’ is your score for 9 levels (which I pulled from the 7DD discord) and my score for one level which I am very proud of :slight_smile:. I’m in awe of the fact you only ran beginner 3 times, I burned 10 world flasks on it, and still was 1,500 - 2,500 points behind you on most levels even though I finished 9th. I’m wondering if you have a way of milking the levels for a high match score instead of trying to complete them as fast as possible like I do. I also use items sparingly - mostly arrow and axe attacks for the final level, and healing potions to fully heal all my heroes at the end of a good run. If you have any advice for us mere mortals I’d appreciate it :wink:.


send me a line xero786 and i will gladly help you out :slight_smile:

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I also just realized I never posted my scores on the forums. Here they are:


I know this is off-topic but the fact that you and @Wharflord are related just made me smile so big. Both off you I’ve felt are standout people and to learn this, I don’t know, just makes me happy for some reason. :smiley:


Its not n1’s (& top ladder) fault to be good, simply there are not enough valuable rewards out of said positions.

Said that I hope that the new ways to get ascension materials will not stop to AW and will change low brackets event’s rewards.

If nothing else, Zero stops the power creep of this game all by himself lol
don’t care about the rewards personally!

I definitely agree @Brobb! While I love playing those events, I know that they are geared more for the advanced player to prevent them from becoming bored with the game. So I’m playing them just to measure how well I compare to the Greats (it’s not well btw)
@Zizzzzy HOTM Zeline is my first and only 5*. I was honored to receive her simply by grinding!!
P2W definitely has the advantage…So what! That’s like me being peaved that I can’t finish level 22 let alone start 23. I can guarantee I won’t be bored anytime soon. Imagine the guys that can easily farm 23. They need the challenges way more than I do!
So maybe there could be a way to restrict who plays what level, F2P isn’t winning that event either without some serious grind! Start crafting now and wait til next year to attempt!

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In answer to the original post, limiting the replays will not have the desired effect. It will make things more random, but the players who are well out of the top 100 or 1000 will not get there. Instead, the players with large hero teams will almost inevitably win, because repetition is the only way some other players have of beating some super powerful teams. It is also impractical because the developers benefit from selling items and have people playing more.

The main issues with the events are:

– You need to get in the top 10 to get substantial ascension items.

– There are people in forgotten tiers who do very well who are not rewarded. For example, someone who is #60 in beginner, #75 in intermediate or #150 in advanced gets very modest rewards, yet these are not easy scores to get especially with the current competition.

– The completion rewards for Avalon are not as good as Teltoc (hopefully this will be remedied in future events).

I like a combination of some of the ideas that have already been presented.

  1. Overall, the rewards need to be increased! Even if it is mostly crafting materials or more avatars, it would increase participation

  2. Instead of large hauls for reaching certain levels, a set scoring ladder could be implemented in addition to the completion rewards. For example, in beginner you could have something like:

200,000 – healing potions
225,000 – mana potions
250,000 – compass
275,000 – world energy flasks
300,000 – cool avatar
325,000 – axes
350,000 – fine gloves
375,000 – midnight roots
400,000 – hidden blade
425,000 – bombs
450,000 – Falcon hero

The rewards for the top 50, top 10, and top scorer would be reduced, perhaps to avatars, an ascension item or two, and a hero.

  1. Limit beginner to those of level 25 or lower, or make a separate competition among those players

I just had to comment on this. Intermediate was very competitive and my mind was blown that even though I reached 75th I was still ~80k points away from Zero. I was only looking to get slightly less meager rewards from top 50.

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That could lead to a healthy competition. :+1:

How is that even a competition if you not competing against anyone?

im sorry these kind of treatments always happens to you over and over tho it’s none of your fault! you’re just playing the game, really well at that, never rub your wins in our face and always willing to help and share your -how to- in game/ in events.

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