Guardians of Teltoc teams

Yep, that’s the thread I was remembering. Thanks for tracking it down.

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Not bad, 275 rare, 1093 epic with lots of stages to improve. All with my teams above and have to say that the cat is really good in epic, getting those out of the corners who try to hide! :slightly_smiling_face: update: 46 rare, 460 epic :smile:

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I completed rare with (all maxed):
Hawkmoon - Gill-Ra - Balthazar - Valen - Rudolph

In Epic, I am have finished level 9 with:
Caedmon +7; Skittleskull 3/50-ish; Sabina +7; Boldtusk +7; Wilbur +7

I have a real lack in purples, and didn’t want to drag Balthazar along to Epic. It seems to be working, though it is a slow team with so few strikers.

I could theoretically swap Triton +7 and Sonya 3/50-ish for the greens, but then the mob levels would take forever. Or take Marjana 2/50-ish instead of Skittleskull, when I go into Legendary. Any advice there?

Already finished legendary. Not gonna go for a top placement, but the completion reward is nice.
The team is pretty passive and took long, but it helped me save items. Only needed the battle items for the last 2 boss fights.


Epic and legendary finished.

Started rare with out of the box rares. Worked better than expected.

First 3 in a row.


I really like it, used 4 flasks till now, but already out of axes and aspirin! :upside_down_face:


Question for the pros, is 91k a good score for final legendary stage, I felt fast? :thinking: and no whatflord or zero in top 100 so far, are you holding back or is it really all about boards?

Up to level 7 on each, teams might change soon, maybe, going good at the moment :blush:


May be a stupid question, but how is the scoring tallied for these events?

I have searched the forum and YouTube, I tried keeping track on a spread sheet. I have fantasized (oh wait, that’s a different topic).

I know to wipe out the enemy is pretty much always the same points. Boom. All heroes healthy, again pretty much the same score.

It’s the time factor and match bonus that have me so confused.

COULD someone be kind and help me understand?

I think time speaks for itself, but the match is confusing too for me!? Maybe if you beat them with lower heroes, you get more points?

137-1163-2461 rare-epic-leg. Hope to stay in these ranks, cause i´m out of battle items. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m on Legendary #8 with this team it’s working pretty well



Rare and epic were no problem. For the first time I have tried to complete the Legendary path. first 9 levels were no problem. But the last stage gave me a lot of problems. It costed me lots of potions, meteors and turtle banners, and most of all I had to try it 4 times. The completion reward was worth it the items I spent :smiley:

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Just noticed I had the wrong troop on Nashgar. Oops.

No matter, all the enemies are dead anyway. :laughing:



Who needs 5*? (Legendary victory)

Straightforward Runs

All 3 tiers were fairly easy runs with these teams, and light on item usage.

I didn’t need to carpet bomb or use heavy attack items anywhere, and for the final stage of Legendary, I just used 5 mana pots to keep Proteus active most of the time, while wearing them down with tile damage, with the help of the attack buff from Boldtusk, and defense debuffs from Wilbur and Falcon.


Use time stop, I always have them with me against these or trial last stage. :slightly_smiling_face:

u.u I just have 1 time stop, and I was not sure it f was worth it to bring it to the battlefield

It really helps, not always easy to time it right when not wanted combos appear, but I’ll take them instead of carpet bombing. That was my team for legendary, worked really well with mana potions, some healing and time stop, got me into first 5000 for now. I know, not the right element, but Frida is the key! :grinning:


Finished Epic and thought i’ll give Legendary a go and see how it goes

Used the following team for Legendary:


Board was not the best and it wasn’t easy. I used x5 Bomb attacks along with some potent healing and mana pots with a couple of Dragon banners.


Really chuffed I managed to do it tbh and the AM’s made it even better :slight_smile:

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Alrighty then. For anyone else who might have been considering this strategy, I just made the rather unpleasant discovery that, if a boss reflects yellow, they also resist Onatel’s mana steal. This is going to complicate my life immensely. Between Jackal and Owl, I may not be able to finish this event. Ugh.


Had very limited options, as I only have one other leveled 4*. Didn’t think this would work, but my alliance mates convinced me to give it a shot. Hansel’s mana control on the bosses was kind of a game changer and I ended up not having any trouble on legendary.


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