Green hero

I wish to know what is the best green hero or a list of a few green heroes cause the best green hero i have right now is a 4 stars, dont get me wrong, he is doing a great job but I’d like to get a better one ( of course)

so please help me out.

The “best” green heroes…it’s a lot about what you have in you rooster…some are compatible some not so…
Each player has his own best heroes (talking green)…
My choice for 5* would be Evelin,Telluria,Kingstone,Lianna…ect…
LJ is very good 4* and you have him on +14…nice.
Anything more specifik like what to lvl or just normal who is the best?


Hey, this is the best “general” tool you will find for the purpose you seek. A list of heroes with grade for each of their purpose and overall grade as well.

There is nothing better out there to measure which hero is "best’. Note, however, that it is still subjective and there were plenty of discussions about why hero XYZ has A and the other has A+. It should provide some more or less well put consensus, sufficient for your needs.


Thanks a lot, i will check this list very well

I think than LJ is made obsolete by Mist now, at least on PvE)

Ceadmon and melenador are good S1 ill throw kashrekk in there aswell if you get him early.
I’m a big fan of gaderius attack boost is great n the heal.
Skittleskull I leveled for trials
All have a purpose.

Do you wish to know 5* or 4* :leafy_green: heroes ? :wink:

There is many good and great green heroes. This is way I ask.

I don’t have them all, Alberich is one that I really miss. But will get it eventually. Example of some off them.

Got many doubles but this is just to show you some off them.

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All of the 4* greens are useful to some extent, except for Gobbler who is too frail to be reliable.

Just imo.

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5 * please and green

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