Gozen's Goons calling all lvl players that need a new home

We are a brand new alliance with seasoned members. We were frustrated with the lack of leadership in our former alliance, so the core group of us Goons banded together to move forward. We’ve got int’l players, as well have family members… no discrimination here, we are welcoming any active players to come learn, conquer & destroy with us.

Please spend the day and play with us & maybe even stay… we would love to meet you! Active on titans and you may opt in/out of war. We use WhatsApp for advice, open Q&A and togetherness!!

“No limitation as a limitation” - Bruce Lee

Looking forward to meeting you!

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We are small but growing… we have experienced players to learn from and we look forward to growing together. Can’t we all just along & decimate together?

No discrimation here! All levels welcomed, can even merge with other small groups. :wink:

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