Gormek or lancelot please

Would you go up to Gormek or Lancelot? why? Thank you

Gormek: Lancelot dies easily vs titans.


Titans… Gormek. Even at 4-70 Lancelot is just too squishy. If you go with Lance you need a defense boost for certain

Depends what you are looking for and what else you have. I like lancelot but I have a hard time fitting him into any lineups. I did run a BT, falcon, gormek, lancelot, WK titan team that did pretty well. It’s really good at lower level green titans but falls apart when you start taking on higher level titans as the lancelot can easily be 1 shot…

I have both, they are my only Red 4s or 5s. Both are great, and I often use them to double-stack in raids and wars and Titans. They have the same mana speed, and a one-two punch almost always kills their target, usually I fire Lance first to increase Gormek’s attack, so Gormek can do added damage to 3 heroes. Sometimes I do the opposite if my target has no adjacent enemy.

But I would do Gormek first. Though his attack is not so high, he has a lot of health and makes a great tank. In difficult raids he is usually my last hero standing, and the defense reduction can be exploited by all your heroes, not just the ones beside him.

Lance has amazing attack and a good special, but is a bit squishy and best paired with heroes like Kiril or Sabina who can help keep him alive. However, his mana boost helps a lot - it made fighting the final boss in Atlantis a lot easier, for example, allowing me to save mana pots by relying on Lance’s mana boost. If I only need one Red for a war/raid/world map, I do often choose Lance because I find the mana boost more helpful (I also have Grimm for defense reduction).

Using both together on Titans has greatly increased my Titan scores too.

But eventually, level both and you will not regret it. They synergize quite well.


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