Gorilla or Khagan?

Dont bother with trophies as long as you’re 2400+ and can comfortably raid.

Unless you’re running Grave/Guin/Zel def you’ll always loose trophies once you get to 2600+, so dont sweat it :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I would have to agree. At least i can still get guin… The others are gone. I have one Gregorion almost maxed and just got another one today. But he does not help my defence at all either… Maybe ill pull a guin and a Magni and swap them into defence. That would deffinetly help. I do like delilah though I use her a lot other then in titans

If it’s between the two I would say Khagan.

It also might make sense to save the ascension items unless you have a large surplus.

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I do have a surplus and I already have 4 Marjana. 1 max 1 at 70. 1 at 60 and one not touched.

Im just looking for a better defence team… I may hold out for a guinevere. Once she is up for grabs again. I have 10k gems as of today’s calender special

For what it’s worth, I’ve noticed that I tend to have a lot of trouble with Khagan tanks when I raid. A well-timed dispel can shut him down, but the board doesn’t always cooperate, and even with the dispel Khagan and flanks still reap the benefit of a single turn of increased mana gen.

I’ve seen him most often flanked by one of two types:

  • Slow all-hitters (Isarnia, Quintus, etc) to speed up their massive damage
  • Healers (Vivica, Alberich, Aeron) to make Khagan practically impossible to remove

This is all from the perspective of raiding with a 4* rainbow team, so your mileage may vary.


Thanks for the info. Ill keep thatin mind i may ply around with him once i finish leveling my Gregorion I also just got a Gormek whick i want to level first for help with titans then ill start on Khagan

I’m of the opinion that to make Khagan an attractive and viable option, he needs to be changed from slow to average speed.


I would think Khagan becomes a meat shield if Gretel gets her special off at him.

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Or just make his mana buff indispellable (12 :arrow_right: 9.12), like Boss Wolf’s ones.


I’d suggest you post in Gameplay and Tactics if you want help with your team set up. You could also post your current roster and that way people can suggest who you should use for a raid defense and what positions to place them.


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Wait, are you me? That are my only red 5* now. I got Khagan just now from TC20.

Me too, do you think is worth to max up?

This is an old thread, but personally I would recommend G. Kong before Khagan always. Even after considering Khagan’s buff in V20 that increased his special skill damage, G Kong is still a better hero (better speed, better attack stat for match damage).

Yeah I know, but still relevant, at least for me. As for maxing, I decided to wait. I have 8 rings but I would prefer someone better or healer.