Goblin Balloon help for mystery crate

Got a mystery chest in my Goblin Balloon and I can’t decide between 100 Alantian coins, or 5 x 3* purple trainers.
I’m on level 16 atm, so unsure what to pick.

What’s the 3rd option?

Third option is 100 monk emblems

To be honest I always choose emblems if they are at 100+
Whichever option you choose good luck

I also prefer emblems as they are the hardest to come by and most useful later on, where as you can always farm coins or get them from the Atlantis deals, and trainers just speeds up the training process which isn’t necessary

Being just level 16, I’m guessing you don’t have too many 4* or 5* heroes and you can’t get into Atlantis to get the coins through map wins during an event to pull those 2nd season heroes. With a hundred coins you have good odds to get a hero which will improve your team and be useful for a long time.

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