I'm relatively new. Need a piece of advice

I was focusing on leveling up my 3 star heroes and my SH which is at level 16 right now.
My question is about what are the following steps i should do? I have recently unlocked season II and I have been slowly collecting the tokens from the provinces. The thing is i cant see any place to spend them to get new heroes.

Which are the best places to spend the gems and “tokens” ? I just summoned on costume chamber where most of my leveled 3 come from

Should i start leveling my 4 star heroes? There are so many heroes around that its hard to figure out where to spend the resources.

Welcome and glad you enjoy the game! Here are a few tips:

Wait to build up 4 star heros untill you have the needed MAT to fully ascend them. Look for an alliance that will help you grow…hitting higher titans will be frustrating but will have better loot making it easier to grow.

I wouldn’t spend gems on pulls right now, but if you do spend a few bunks on the game, the VIP pass is by far the best “investment” to further your game.

Good luck!


You can only spend Atlantis coins during the Atlantis Rises event, and you can only spend Valhalla coins during the Valhalla Forever event. Those come around for about three days every month. Check out the awesome calendar threads that our dedicated content creators whip up every month to see what’s coming when.

Personally, as FTP, I like to wait until I really like the HotM to pull in portals like those. The odds of getting the HotM are much greater than the odds of getting whatever portal-specific hero you think you want, even if that hero is featured that month.

Kudos on doing things the right way, though. Level those three-stars first, and leave the higher-tier heroes until you have the stuff to max them. Slow and boring sometimes, but ultimately way more effective.


At this early point I highly recomend to feed with color, it will speed up your growing in long terms and you will have much better results with wars, titans and rare quests.

Finish second Azar (and her costume), if you won’t get anything new you can max Jahangir, he will be helpful in v.fast raid toutnaments

Finish Berden and Issthak (both are better in costumes) and them max Belith with costume.
3 maxed 3* in every color is the moment when you can start working on 4* and Melendor will be insanely helpful at the beggining with his huge heal and useful later too.

I would max Karil or second Valen and then focus on Grimm, he is very useful 4* and def down is one of the best abilities in game, later Sonia is wirth to be maxed.

Finish second Bane, then I would finish Kailani, damage sharing will help you a lot with hard stages.
Hu-tao is meh but its worth to max him (If nothing better comes), he will be stronger than 3* and can work in def team for a while

Nothing to do, put purple feeders in something else until you pull something.

Personally I think that costume chamber and valhalla are best places to spend diamonds at this point (atlantis is very good too but you can pull there with coins for now)

Also you should be able to beat 4 level in rare quests which will give 3* unfarmable mats like compas or hidden blade, you will need them for 4* and 5* heroes, you can also beat rare difficulty in monthly events for some good loot.
If you will have problems with beating them you can tag me by using @Radar1 and I will help you more specific with them.


I am just level 23 i dont know if there are alliances who accept new players. Although im slowly building my roster, focusing as i said on 3 star first. I noticed they were easier to build up so i made to max 12 of them, Belith done just leveling her costume.

I dont have that many materials right now. Maybe to finish Melendor or a Purple hero if i had him but not purple 4 star right now

Thank you Radar1 for those tips. Im glad i decided to go for those 3 stars instead of working on the epics champs. They look stronger but i know they requiere by far more effort to finish them. Ironically i could finish a purple 4 star if he shows up but i havent been really lucky with dark heroes


Hi, they said everything above. If u look for an alliance, go to Legion Barbara. Allá te ayudarán con tus equipos y ellos son muy buena onda. (there they´ll help u and they´re good people). Suerte! :v: :four_leaf_clover:


Welcome to the game!
First advice: be patient!
Second: use the forum search for any question. :wink:
For further informations start here:

Third: to answer your specific questions (mostly already well answered): as @Chadmo and @Radar1 said, continue training your 3*, 3-5 of each color and their costumes. Until then I wouldn’t pull with gems. Your 3* will need enough time and you will have to expand your capacities.
Fourth: Alliances are also happy to accept beginners. Search the ingame chat or here:

Good luck!


When you join an alliance, you will need 30 heroes for War Alliance as you can just use your Hero once. That is a good thing that you focused on 3*. Alliance that don’t want a lower player will put cup requirement that prevent you to join, so go ahead and pick an alliance. Chose one with an “active” leader for better progression. (Clic the name of the leader on in roaster and if it is days since he last was on, it is an inactive leader).

When you switch to 4*, you can start be ascending them to 3-60. It is to ascend to 4 tiers that you use the precious ascension mat. A 4* at 3-60 will still be more powerful than most season 1 non-costume non-emblem 3* fully ascended. You start to play with the 4* and you see which one you like. Then you start be ascending those.


How far do you think i can go with a solid and diverse number of maxed 3? They seem to be the easiest to get and its more likely theyre going to be showing up from the summons. Though its true im running a training camp at lvl 13 too. If im lucky enough i could pull an epic from there.

Pretty much everywhere.

You will get problems maybe with the last stages of some Quests.

And of course you will be limited on the map, but that’s no real problem, no need to rush there.

If you enter a smaller alliance you won’t have problems with 3* against the Titan. Also war, you can just kill already damaged teams, that’s also doable with only 3* heroes until you get stronger.


I worked on my 3* for a good while before moving up.

Once you get 30 you can compete in the 3* tournaments and events which will start to give you the bits needed to work on 4* and into 5*

Still today I work on 3* too. Having a good set of 3* heroes never ceases to be useful.

Then as you get more into the game you can start to look at your 4* and eventually you’ll start to pick up 5* too.

We were all new once and it’s a pretty daunting spot. Also there’s a pile of training alliances that will take you in and help you to get better. Check the recruitment threads out.

And never be afraid to ask questions. The forum is full of very knowledgeable people who are happy to help you.



Feel free to jump in our Crew training alliance. It will be a bit of a step up but they will help you get going. Titans and wars will all be new if you’ve not done it all before but they are a nice bunch and you’ll start to see all the game has a bit more

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Just to update apparently they’ve changed the rules so we won’t be a good spot for you. But loads of others exist. If in doubt you can ask in the topic and people will offer you a home I’m sure

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Your welcome to join Voidbringers. We have 1000 cup requirement. It’s a great group of knowledgeable players from USA, Europe, Asia and Canada. We also have a LINE group to share game pics and forum links. Would be happy to help you grow in the game.

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One 4* that I would recommend levelling as soon as you are able to is Melendor. This is a hero that you have with you through to “end game” and beyond, especially if you pick up his costume at some point.


I just updated our recruitment post for Guardians Academy. We are looking for new players at the beginning levels. We are the ground floor of a series of alliances connected up to the high alliance that has members on the global leader boards. We specialize in helping players new to the game to get more familiar with strategies and game playing. I think you might enjoy it. If not, feel free to continue to look elsewhere. But I think you’ll like it. We have people from all over the world, although English is the main language. Either way, welcome to the game, (and to the forum! excellent resource for getting better and having fun!) and good luck!

BTW - I agree with the advice–build up your 3-star army. I’d recommend 4 or 5 of each color. Then start working on 4s! And keep building up your training camps, and keeping recruits in them. That’s how you build up your heroes! :slight_smile:

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As many have stated, it will be beneficial to always have a bench of leveled 3* and 4* heroes: you will be forced to use them in challenge events as well as tournaments. You also won’t want to neglect 3* and 2* troops as you can only use them as well in those scenarios.
Having a multitude of each color will also be beneficial as tournaments often will only allow 4 of the 5 elements and the various rules can make some heroes more viable for certain situations.
Challenge events all have one element that some enemies will have shields that reflect that element back.
5* are powerful truly, but they are intentionally kept out of certain events to allow us to still put our 3* and 4* heroes to good use.
Have fun and just enjoy the game!

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There are plenty of alliances that will accept a level 23 player. My alliance has a few in the 20’s and we have had members who were not eligible to fight in wars (below level 12). We are an open casual alliance. Some members come and go, others have been in it for over three years. We always seem to be at 28-30 members without recruiting.

You just need to find the right fit for your needs.

For Season 2 I would suggest saving up all the coins you get and using them all at the end, rather than some here and some there. As said, you wait for Atlantis Rising for the Atlantis portal to use them in.

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Thank you all for all your comments and tips!


Dont worry bro. I know i need to keep growing still. I thank you anyways.


I could max Melendor because i have all the mats that are needed for him. But first i will finish Belith costume. I will work on him soon, though.


Thank you friend. I have already joined to the academy.


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