Melia worth the emblems?

Just managed to max out Melia tonight, and contemplating throwing some emblems on her. The only other druids I have that are worth a damn are Caedmon and Melendalf. Caed is at 3/60 and Mel at 2/50, and I only have 3 shields right now.

I like Melia since she has the highest atk out of all 3* holy heroes, is fast, and her special can be pretty devastating when combined with crit troops - 42% with an unlevelled 4* crit troop!!. To put her atk into context, Melia at 3/50 has 505 atk, which is higher than Chao’s 504 at 3/60! That’s just insane IMO, and highlights just how underwhelming some of the vanilla 4* yellows are. (unfortunately the monkey king aka Wu Kong eludes me and is the only 4* yellow I don’t have =( )

Tbh part of the allure of embleming Melia is that 3*'s are relative cheap to emblem. I have 121 emblems so enough to take her to +11, where I feel she will really start to shine (I plan on taking the atk+def path). If I emblemed Caed at some point in the distant future, that’d only be enough for +6. Plus I kinda want to hold out for something better (cough Hansel cough) before I empty my shield stash. I feel like if nothing else, Melia +11 will be devastating against purple titans especially when stacking yellow and paired with crit troops

Anyways I guess I’m looking for reasons NOT to give her emblems. I like Caed and he’s a staple in my roster, but like I said even after I get my 4th shield, I still may hold off on maxing him. Plus it’s gonna be a long few weeks to get him to 4/70…

If you want to be competitive in rare tier of challenge events and the 3 star tournaments, then she is a great candidate for druid emblems. I have my Melia at +6 and she is definitely worth it. Her crit boost can make colour stacks very devastatitng, especially in conjunction with costumed Hawkmoon. I also have Caedmon+18 and Melendor+18 for context.

Melia is really good for a 3*, one of my favs, useful in events etc. But at the point you seem to be in the game I wouldn’t hesitate on maxing Caedmon when the shield comes around. As for emblems, my first thought is not wasting them on 3*s, but on the other hand like you said, it’s cheap, you probably have some reset tokens, so I can’t see harm in it…

Btw, as far as i know the ways of this game, you’ll get your 4th shield right after you emblem Melia :wink:


Melia is an absolute total 3 star weapon. My highest ever Titan score? Yep, you guessed it; Melia (with minor assistance from Brienne). Her critical attack buff for all allies is insane.

Mine doesn’t have emblems though. I stripped her down really quickly, 3 stars are a bit limited.

Actually I only have that one freebie reset given out when you first max a hero. :flushed: Well to be fair to me I’ve only been playing for 5 weeks and am just recently able to finish the middle tier of class trials with some battle items (hello carpet bombing). But yes, like you said I can always reset later down the road when I have a more worthy druid, and having those emblems sit there and do nothing isn’t exactly the best of them.

Hahahahaha man this is so true it hurts. :laughing:

(on a more serious note, Strikewood is coming in about a week, so what you just said is actually absolutely true)

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